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1. A small, ornate box or dish for candy.
2. A confectioner's store.

[French, from bonbon, candy; see bonbon.]


1. a small decorative box used to contain sweets
2. confectionery used as a table decoration at formal events or celebrations, such as wedding parties
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US rap superstar 50 Cent was clocked partying with nightclub mogul Joe Fournier at his A-list hangout Bonbonniere in London's Mayfair this week.
After selling his gyms and "investing in a few stocks and shares and a bit of property", he now owns a global empire of 11 nightclubs trading under his Bonbonniere brand.
The Hong Kong Pavilion is made of new brands including Babies Fun Time, Baby Buddy, Belly Buttons & Babies(TM), Bonbonniere and Bon Bear, Capella, Homage, i-See, Isota, Italtrike, Kidokare, iCore, Minimee Store, The Original Baby, TOB, UV Muah and more.
00 ($106); Fabric Bonbonniere size 1 - a special fabric-covered bonbonniere available in a wide range colours and designs, filled with approx.
Restaurant le 4 in Rue de la Bonbonniere has only been open for a couple of years, but it's already become a dining destination.
A brunch/lunch/tea set, each item is gift boxed, and includes a teapot, creamer, sugar, tea for one, tankards, dessert plates, mug and porcelain coaster sets, cake stand, canape set, cache pot and bonbonniere are available.
Klaus had already written to the master of ceremonies Paul Schneider-Duncker, known familiarly as Paulchen, asking for an engagement at Munich's Bonbonniere.
A glass bonbonniere that costs 25 piastres can be an ashtray, a finger bowl, a candle holder, a bird bath, a soap dish.
A Bonbonniere was a small 17th or 18th Century box for sweets that resembled a snuff box.
There was the bonbonniere, with delicacies like chocolate ginger, French bonbons, tiny pastel-colored peppermints, and toffees with white stripes in them.