bond rating

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: rating - an evaluation by a rating company of the probability that a particular bond issue will default; "the bonds of highest quality are said to have bond ratings of AAA"
rating, valuation, evaluation - an appraisal of the value of something; "he set a high valuation on friendship"
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But any municipal leader will tell you there is probably nothing more important to them than the bond rating of their community.
Unfortunately, accounting studies that employ bond ratings (as either independent or dependent variable measures) do not address the issue of split bond ratings because such studies do not use more than one bond rating source (e.
4 February 2010 A[cent sign]a'[not sign]a[euro]oe Moody's said it is reconsidering its criteria that enable Greek structured finance transactions to get top ratings after it slashed the sovereign's bond rating to A2 from A1 in December.
If the increase isn't approved in the next several weeks, the municipal utility's bond rating will suffer and ratepayers will be socked with higher interest payments in the long term, DWP officials said.
It presents a bond rating model with three separate stages that relate to the different choices facing a school district official throughout the bond rating process.
Neural networks provide a more general framework for connecting financial input about a company to an output, the bond rating," he asserts.
After completing that review, and meeting with city officials, Moody's affirmed its A3 bond rating for the city, while Standard & Poor's affirmed its A- rating and Fitch maintained its higher A rating.
LANCASTER - Antelope Valley Hospital's bond rating has been downgraded, meaning the hospital will be perceived as a greater credit risk and have higher borrowing costs in the future.
Municipal bond ratings are in essence a community's credit score, and just as an individual's credit score affects a loan application, the lower the bond rating the higher the risk and the harder it is for cities and towns to secure funding.
But she and Miscikowski agreed with DWP officials that stalling or rejecting the increase would put the utility's bond rating at risk, leading to higher interest payments that would be passed on to residents.