bond servant

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bond′ serv`ant

or bond′-serv`ant,

1. a slave.
2. a person bound to service without wages.
ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: servant - someone bound to labor without wages
bondman, bondsman - a male bound to serve without wages
bondmaid, bondwoman, bondswoman - a female bound to serve without wages
slave - a person who is owned by someone
thrall - someone held in bondage
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Several of the chapters focus on migrant domestic workers, but Young's contribution interestingly places them in the context of large Chinese households that typically contain a variety of paid and unpaid workers, including relatives, bond servants, and hired servants.
No longer just a drink for the slaves and white bond servants, rum gained wide acceptance, even being used instead of brandy in punch, which was appropriately named Rum Punch.
Yes, citizens all: the Pennsylvania forge-owner importingfine little bond servants from English debtors' prisons, the Connecticut land speculator--"