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A woman bondservant.


(Historical Terms) an unmarried female serf or slave



1. a female slave.
2. a woman bound to service without wages.
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Noun1.bondmaid - a female bound to serve without wages
bond servant - someone bound to labor without wages
2.bondmaid - a female slave
slave - a person who is owned by someone
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For it is written, that Abraham had two sons, the one by a bondmaid, the other by a freewoman.
Unfortunately a political party was mother of poor man and bondmaid of its political head, he underlined.
Usage of vocabulary such as aristocrat, nobleman or noblewoman, khan, prince or princess, king or sultan, his or her majesty, master, lord, and so on, and also usage of vocabulary such as slave, page, lad, servant, slave-girl, bondswoman, bondmaid, bondman, and so on, and many kinds of insults and offences in current language, disposes the culture of the society to accept humiliation, discrimination, oppression, and coexistence with them; while the freedom of language from these flattery-oriented or discriminatory and humiliating vocabulary, and people's insistence on avoiding them increase the capacity of linguistic justice development, and consequently will increase just behavior and social justice development.