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A person, especially one who is not a licensed physician, who sets broken or dislocated bones.


(Professions) a person who sets broken or dislocated bones, esp one who has no formal medical qualifications


(ˈboʊnˌsɛt ər)

a person, usu. not a licensed physician, skilled at setting broken or dislocated bones.
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Noun1.bonesetter - someone (not necessarily a licensed physician) who sets broken bones
caregiver, health care provider, health professional, PCP, primary care provider - a person who helps in identifying or preventing or treating illness or disability
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AN ancient hand made remedy to heal chronic muscle pain and fractured bones, founded by a nineteenth century Gwynedd bonesetter is in demand across the world.
Known as a "mujaber" or bonesetter, Sulaiman is one of many traditional doctors in Yemen offering alternative, and cheaper, orthopedic treatment.
There is a bonesetter and a midwife, who together comprise the basic health team for all Zapatista communities.
We had a pleasant time together chatting, and he promised to arrive early the next morning to take us to see a bonesetter, who he thought could help Judyth's knee.
Eglurodd Owen Huw Roberts, sy'n cynhyrchu'r ddrama ar gyfer Theatr Fach Llangefni, mai The Bonesetter of Crosshall Street oedd teitl gwreiddiol drama William Hywel.
Cissus quadrangularis is the most common species belonging to the family Vitaceae, commonly known as Hadjod or bonesetter in Hindi due to its bone fracture healing property (Prasad and Udupa 1964).