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n. pl. bo·ni·a·tos
See batata.

[American Spanish, variant of earlier boniata, perhaps of Antillean origin.]


(ˌbəʊnɪˈɑːtəʊ; bɒnˈjɑːtəʊ)
a variety of sweet potato grown in the Caribbean
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Its line of Latin American and Caribbean products include other tropical favorites such as yuca, malanga, yuca fries, boniato, pineapple, papaya, kiwi, fruit pulps and fruit concentrates.
Among the offerings are hamachi with edamame puree, spicy grapefruit, preserved turmeric; Maine lobster risotto with shellfish emulsion, kaffir lime leaf; roasted duck with wasabi, eggplant puree, celery root-shiso salad; red wine braised short rib with cardamom boniato puree, mitsuba; and chocolate beignets, pumpkin confit, cinnamon ice cream.
25) or blackeyed bean fritter served with a plantain crema on a bed of dressed leaves - yummy; or the Cuban speciality of croqueta de cerdo y boniato (pounds 4.
The purple-skinned boniato has a white flesh and higher sugar content than a typical orange yam.