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A class of people regarded as stupid and gullible.


slang US a group or social class considered to be ignorant or uncultured


(ˌbu bwɑˈzi)

a segment of the general public composed of uneducated, uncultured persons.
[b. boob1 and bourgeoisie; coined by H. Latin. Mencken in 1922]
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Noun1.booboisie - class consisting of all those who are considered boobs
social class, socio-economic class, stratum, class - people having the same social, economic, or educational status; "the working class"; "an emerging professional class"
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Seeing themselves as the vanguard of the booboisie, they expected their less enlightened countrymen to follow them in the push toward de-nationalization.
Who, according to the ECFR's Shapiro, are the "mainstream politicians and experts of all kinds" whom the ignorant Brexit booboisie have defied?
As far as the unfortunate effect on the concept of democracy (whatever democracy actually is) of universal suffrage, which extends the vote to more of the American booboisie, remedies are at hand.
Like many another baby boomer watching his belly spill over the waistband of his Relaxed Fit 550 Levi's, part of the alternative press despairs that its g-g-generation has lost its fire and become exactly the complacent middle-class American booboisie it loathed.
The image of an Eliot disdaining "mere entertainment" or hurling potshots at the booboisie on the other side of the cultural divide is not one that holds up under inquiry.
The dramatic dichotomies between the literary gadfly and the political activist, between the enemy of the booboisie and the ardent patriot, between the self-hating Jew and the Jewish militant blur on closer examination.
Mencken, quiza el ensayista estadounidense mas brillante del siglo XX, puso el ejemplo al acunar la version estadounidense de lo mismo con su concepto del booboisie.
Mencken under the skin, bemoaning the masses of the booboisie.