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n. pl. boo·dies Vulgar Slang
Variant of booty2.

[Alteration of booty.]


vb (intr) , boodies, boodying or boodied
to sulk
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Boody (Abdelrahman Sha'lan), known by his wrestling name "Osunaarashi" (the great sand storm), is the first Sumo wrestler of his kind ever to make it to the professional Sumo world in Japan.
Posttest results at the end of sixth grade indicated that learning results of the two conditions were equivalent (Edwards, Rule, & Boody, 2013).
Boody products are naturally antibacterial, hypoallergenic and antifungal, making them long-lasting and long-wearing.
We have a good number of freshmen taking remedial courses within their 15-hour course load, which don't count toward their 15 credits," says Kathleen Boody, dean of student success.
1954) History of Economic Analysis, edited from manuscript by Elizabeth Boody Schumpeter, New York NY: Oxford University Press.
Boody Intermediate School in Brooklyn, New York a computer program called Teach to One: Math determines how class unfolds each day.
Boody & Zooz The dynamic duo from the independent YouTube channel "Saudi Reporters.
History' of Economic Analysis, edited from manuscript by Elizabeth Boody Schumpeter, New York: Oxford University Press.
Boody Rogers was precariously balanced somewhere on the heta-uma hyphen.
Supervisor Larry Cantwell, referring to the controversy increased helicopter traffic has caused in recent years, before Peter Boody, the recently appointed assistant to Jim Brundige, airport manager started his presentation said, Do we have to talk about helicopters?
Squeers' brutality were brought to a fuller light; the courage of Nicholas had a more pronounced expression, and John Boody was rendered more nobly aggressive than could have been the case previously.
21) His widow and editor, Elizabeth Boody Schumpeter, notes at the beginning of that chapter that Section 5, "The Theory of Planning and of the Socialist Economy," was written by J.