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a. A style of soul music popular in the mid 1960s, sometimes including Caribbean musical elements.
b. A style of dancing performed to this music.
2. A form of urban dance originating in the late 1960s, involving undulating, fluid body movements and briefly held poses, performed to funk music.

[Probably alteration of boogie or boogie-woogie (perhaps influenced by hullabaloo).]


a type of dance performed to rock and roll music
to dance a boogaloo
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The recording generated the huge hit Tu Tienes Dos Caras and is a classic album that included the guaguanco numbers titled Me Gusta La Noche, Conmigo Si Que No, El Pregon de Pupilo, Aunque Tu Padre No Quiera, and the successful boogaloos called Ritmo Moderno and Bataola Boogaloo.
While he recently learned people were using a similar move in the Fifties, he cites Seventies funk-dance troupe The Electric Boogaloos as his inspiration.
This is the first time that the festival appears outside of London and performing in Newcastle are Electric Boogaloos from Los Angeles, Brazilian Frank Ejara and Franck II Louise from France.
Breakin' Convention features the Electric Boogaloos from Los Angeles, whose definitive body-popping moves have inspired dancers and their audiences for the past 25 years.
Breakin' Convention on May 15 and 16 brings together local dancers with the Electric Boogaloos from the USA, Brazilian Frank Ejara and Frank II Louise from France.
In presenting the steps, Rapier gives much-deserved props to their originators, including Don Campbell and the Electric Boogaloos.
We were greeted in Johnnesburg by the guys from Boogaloos and the local magazines, who carried our luggage out in a routine fashion.
Bad Taste Cru and Eye of the Fly will be performing on stage alongside LA dancer Electric Boogaloos and guest DJs Ken Masters, Patta Merchants and Mr Breaks.
Pianist/bandleader Rodriguez and his posse of young players from the South Brenx became househeld names with other hits from this album such as the Spanish lyric boogaloos Micaela, El Hueso, and Si Quieres Bailar.
To date, no one knows who was the first to record a boogaloo although the boogaloos of Joe Cuba, Ricardo Ray and Pete Rodriguez were in record racks simultaneously.