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or boo·jum tree  (bo͞o′jəm)
A deciduous tree (Fouquieria columnaris) native to northern Mexico and found chiefly in Baja California, having a thick tapering columnar trunk, slender spiny branches, and yellow flowers.

[After the Boojum, an imaginary character in the poem The Hunting of the Snark by Lewis Carroll.]


a geometric pattern found on the surface of helium-3a species of tree native to Mexico
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But if ever I meet with a Boojum, that day, In a moment (of this I am sure), I shall softly and suddenly vanish away-- And the notion I cannot endure
com WHERE TO EAT Save Enjoy traditional Mexican cuisine at Boojum.
Boojum Bark is a werewolf puppy from Sleepy Whiskers delivering ice cream made by his mother who made the best ice cream in the Universes.
The mere name of this dangerous kind of Snark is enough to inspire fear in the crew's hearts, especially in the Baker's, whose uncle had long ago warned him of the Boojum.
Theatre company boojum serves up "a pungent stew of live action, quirky music, extraordinary language and grungy puppetry".
With ten lots catalogued, the numerical edge is held by Tobougg, whose band includes a daughter of Listed winner Boojum (2107).
The 12 best beaches in the world and the best months to visit:January: Pink Beach, Barbuda, Antigua - 17 miles long and formed from pink coral FEBRUARY: Ensenada Grande, Isla Espiritu Santo, Mexico - once ashore you'll find wedding-cake white sands, nail-varnish pink volcanic rocks, clouds of yellow butterflies and the 300-year old boojum tree.
thus, at the end of all of their exploration, the "Button-Moulder and the Boojum are waiting at the next cross-roads where they [the artists] will be asked to prove whether or no they have become their actual selves" (EF 149).
According to the Baker, should the Snark prove to be a Boojum (whatever that is), then "You will softly and suddenly vanish away,/ And never be met with again.
These include the boojum and elephant trees, a bursage with fruits more like a cactus, and such real cacti as the sour pitahaya and cardon.
The signs' boat and marina icons--which reportedly cost over $100,000--seem grossly out of place as I pass endless stretches of bone-dry desert and alien-looking boojum trees.
border, the Pinacate and Altar Desert Biosphere Reserve, a marvelous volcanic region adjacent to Arizona, and the Canon de Santa Elena in Chihuahua and Maderas del Carmen in Coahuila, both of them in neighboring Texas, ate designated as Flora and Fauna Protection Areas, within interior regions we can find some other examples of protected areas with cacti relevance: the Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve in Baja California Sur; the Colorado River Delta and Upper Gulf of California; and the Valley of the Cirios, one of the best-conserved natural treasures on Earth (with one of the most fascinating plants in the world, the Cirio or Boojum Tree) in Baja California.