book bag

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: bag - a bag in which students carry their booksbook bag - a bag in which students carry their books
bag - a flexible container with a single opening; "he stuffed his laundry into a large bag"
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The cover, depicting a Marla-Frazee-like assemblage of readers captivated by their books, is an indication of what's within: An older woman in pearls sips tea and reads The Puttermesser Papers as her dog naps at her feet; a dark-skinned, knee-socks-sporting young girl with a yellow book bag at her side is hunched on stone steps, utterly absorbed in All-of-a-Kind Family; a balding prepster/hipster in gray jeans and deck shoes, curved in on himself in a classic bentwood chair, pores over The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay; a bearded gentleman in a wool tartan cap crosses his legs in a silver bistro chair as he reads Night.
The Friend Parade book bag showcases all of one's favorite Peanuts characters.
Every day, you look in their book bag and it's a rare day that you'll find a mere book in there, goodness me, no.
The student, who was said to have a good relationship with the teacher, showed off the gun in her book bag and said, "Lookey what I got.
The institute says the portrait depicts the 9-year-old dressed for school with a book bag over his shoulder, posing ''stiffly and perhaps impatiently'' for the artist.
They were challenged to see how many people could fit inside a giant book bag and managed eight.
with just a change of underwear in your book bag, and a fifty
The school library was the one place in the school where students could choose any book they wanted, without it having to be at a given reading level, and the book bag project was a way to organize and utilize this freedom.
Literacy leader Jessica Goddard The Witch in the Book Bag By Lily Ferris (Year 1) ONCE upon a time there organised the competition with some of the school governors.
A special book festival badge, membership card and book bag.
Pupil C had forgotten her book bag and was told off by Miss Archer-Jones.
Fashionable people don't carry paper or plastic," maintain the makers of Ombre Market Bags--designed for grocery shopping but equally at home on the beach, as a book bag, or an everyday carry-all.