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The practice or profession of recording the accounts and transactions of a business.

book′keep′er n.


(ˈbʊkˌki pɪŋ)

the occupation of keeping detailed records of a company's transactions, esp. its purchases and sales.
book′keep`er, n.
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Noun1.bookkeeping - the activity of recording business transactionsbookkeeping - the activity of recording business transactions
accountancy, accounting - the occupation of maintaining and auditing records and preparing financial reports for a business
single entry, single-entry bookkeeping - a simple bookkeeping system; transactions are entered in only one account
double entry, double-entry bookkeeping - bookkeeper debits the transaction to one account and credits it to another
posting - (bookkeeping) a listing on the company's records; "the posting was made in the cash account"


[ˈbʊkˌkiːpɪŋ] Ncontabilidad f, teneduría f de libros


[ˈbʊkkiːpɪŋ] ncomptabilité f
References in classic literature ?
Italian bookkeeping," said the gentleman of the gray whiskers ironically.
Madame Sviazhskaya had just told him at tea that they had that summer invited a Gemman expert in bookkeeping from Moscow, who for a consideration of five hundred roubles had investigated the management of their property, and found that it was costing them a loss of three thousand odd roubles.
They had sport, and never learned to write a bookkeeping hand.
He spoke English and French with a warbling accent, wrote a beautiful hand, understood bookkeeping, and cherished in his innermost heart the worship of evil spirits.
On the piteous spectacle of the pair spending their evenings in shorthand schools and polytechnic classes, learning bookkeeping and typewriting with incipient junior clerks, male and female, from the elementary schools, let me not dwell.
Siham Wong is now a franchise partner with Rosemary Bookkeeping, one of the UK's leading bookkeeping franchises, which was acquired by national franchisor ServiceMaster in August 2017.
There is a plethora of options, hiring a firm providing bookkeeping services in Australia, Melbourne.
The span of Bookkeeping can be a long engagement and as famous or as encountered the CPA gets, odds are he'll charge higher for his skill.
In fact, 40% of SMB owners say bookkeeping and taxes are the worst part of owning a business.
Entry level product: Bookkeeping, Accounting and Tax services, Customised Xero Software Training.
Receipt Bank has been revolutionising bookkeeping for small businesses since its launch in 2011.
Miles AG consisted of several operating units, including Mag Bookkeeping, Render, Ellipsis and eaHELP, a virtual assistant organisation.