adj.n. & adv. Chiefly Southern US
Variant of beaucoup.
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Since we had propped up Mubarak by selling arms to his military, which made bookoo bucks for our arms industry, he was labeled a "friend of the U.
But you better believe I've eaten bookoo egg sandwiches right here on this line.
BooKoo: BooKoo Beverages claims several "firsts" in the category, including the first brand in both 24- and 5.
It just puts it into one convenient package," says Hunter Hewett, marketing director for Dallas-based BooKoo Beverages, which recently added a line of vitamin-enhanced water to its energy drink offerings.
In the energy drink category, we added BooKoo products from BooKoo Beverages in the second quarter and NOS([R]) products from Fuze, a subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company, in the third quarter.