boolean operation

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Bool′ean opera′tion

any logical operation in which each of the operands and the result take one of two values, as “true” and “false” or “circuit on” and “circuit off.”
Bool′ean op′erator, n.
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Noun1.boolean operation - an operation that follows the rules of Boolean algebra; each operand and the result take one of two values
operation - (computer science) data processing in which the result is completely specified by a rule (especially the processing that results from a single instruction); "it can perform millions of operations per second"
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We restrict our attention to the four boolean operations [union],[intersection], \, [direct sum], since the complexity of any other proper binary boolean operation can be obtained from these four.
These data sets involved the processing of spatial information that was utilized in GIS environment using Boolean Operation as a tool for land suitability analysis.
In order to generate composite solids by the reunion and difference of the two cylinders, apply the desired Boolean operation.
In fact, he said, most relevance ranking starts with a Boolean operation.
The power search, when selected from the menu, provides full Boolean operation for up to five words.
Then injection mould die stock was cut by Boolean operation on solids.
The Basic mode is a fairly user-friendly template fill-in interface with index browsing and radio dials to select the basic Boolean operation desired.
Students were asked to apply Boolean operations to 3-D objects, create shapes using Autodesk 123D design software and model various parts of LEGO blocks.
0 3D ACIS Modeler in our products because we see innovations such as the new incremental Boolean approach as an automatic backup for difficult Boolean operations that improves the robustness of automated workflows.
Additionally, PSoC 4 S-Series includes 16 Smart I/Os, providing a programmable interconnect and routing subsystem that can be configured in the PSoC Creator IDE to implement pin-level Boolean operations on input and output signals, even when the device is in deep sleep.
dinamo work in a complete environment that allow the modeling of the sections by using an integrated 2D CAD which offer some advanced tools like boolean operations and complex editing.