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A small boom, as in business, politics, or the birth rate.


(Economics) a small, short-lived, economic boom


(ˈbum lɪt)

a brief increase, esp. in business activity or political popularity.
[1875–80, Amer.]
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Ted Cruz Tuesday night sparked a boomlet of social media jokes about Texas presidential candidates, but the White House hopeful's most notable moment came when discussing how he would handle a banking crisis as the country's chief executive.
New Zealand is a major dairy exporter and its milk powder and formula industry is likely to benefit from a baby boomlet in China.
The Trump presidential boomlet is being fueled by a combination of curiosity, a gusting wind of summer-doldrums media attention and hard-right accord with public statements about opinions some of this ilk have thought but dared not say.
That is sparking a boomlet of homeowners looking to refinance as long-term mortgage rates plummet.
Acknowledging that this is where the money is for now, we also discuss how some industry estimates of touch opportunities appear to be exaggerated and how there are serious technology challenges for touch down the road - challenges such as gestural control - that could hurt the current TC boomlet.
Sarlin (2012) asserted that "Clinton's popularity--including with Republicans--has never been higher, prompting yet another boomlet of interest in a 2016 presidential run.
The flexo boomlet never took off and The Blade told unions it can only buy printing plates from one supplier, which is in the United Kingdom, the Free Press reported.
A construction boomlet is producing a couple dozen new custom and spec homes.
The election of Hassan Rouhani as president of Iran has generated a boomlet of optimism, not only about the prospects for a deal on the nuclear question but also about the chances for a rapprochement between Iran and Saudi Arabia regarding the increasingly intense and increasingly sectarian regional struggle for influence.
Despite the confluence of such auspicious conditions, however, the jury is still out on whether we're witnessing a sustainable boom in M&A activity or an ephemeral boomlet.
Headland's unvarnished depiction of women comes amid a boomlet of similarly themed movies and television shows.
Still, Riesling sales, which underwent a boomlet in the past few years, have slowed slightly falling short of 201 l's overall wine growth of 4.