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boom 1

v. boomed, boom·ing, booms
1. To make a deep, resonant sound.
2. To grow, develop, or progress rapidly; flourish: Business is booming.
1. To utter or give forth with a deep, resonant sound: a field commander booming out orders.
2. To cause to grow or flourish; boost.
1. A deep resonant sound, as of an explosion.
2. A time of economic prosperity.
3. A sudden increase, as in popularity.

[Middle English bomben, imitative of a loud noise.]

boom′y adj.

boom 2

1. Nautical A spar extending usually from a mast to hold the foot, clew, or tack of a sail.
2. A long pole extending upward at an angle from the mast of a derrick to support or guide objects being lifted or suspended.
a. A barrier composed of a chain of floating logs, typically used to block the passage of boats or to arrest the downstream motion of logs in a log drive.
b. A floating barrier serving to catch debris or to contain an oil spill.
4. A long movable arm used to maneuver and support a microphone.
a. A spar that connects the tail surfaces and the main structure of an airplane.
b. A long hollow tube attached to a tanker aircraft, through which fuel flows to another aircraft being refueled in flight.
tr.v. boomed, boom·ing, booms
To move or position using a crane: boomed the cargo onto the ship.
drop/lower the boom
To act suddenly and forcefully to repress a practice or reprimand an offender; crack down.

[Dutch, tree, pole, from Middle Dutch; see bheuə- in Indo-European roots.]


adj, boomier or boomiest
1. music characterized by an exaggerated or excessive bass sound
2. informal of or relating to an economic boom


(ˈbu mi)

adj. boom•i•er, boom•i•est.
1. excessively loud.
2. affected or characterized by an economic boom.
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Improving, growing, or succeeding steadily:
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If fans go to the Franz website they can remix this single and there's certainly enough space for improvement in this boomy, roomy comeback.
The 100 bhp engine was slightly sluggish from rest but once under way it was fairly brisk though a little boomy and no i sy.
At the first show I found lots of design flaws that produced boomy bass, screechy highs, and boxy or chesty mids.
There is good response across the rev range but it gets a bit too boomy in mid range and quite harsh as the revs build up towards the 700rpm red line.
7-litre unit may struggle a little more when you are fully loaded and there's a tendency for the cabin to sound boomy at motorway cruising speeds without any stunning improvement in fuel economy.
It has a boomy engine note, particularly when revved, but it cruises quietly and easily along a motorway.
Admittedly Cleveland's boomy Masonic Auditorium is not conducive to absolute clarity of texture, and rather bottom-heavy in some tuttis, but the sound is generally lifelike and free of distortion.
A Brazilian jazz cut had the piano sound tipped toward the upper register; the bass fiddle lacked bass extension and was boomy.
It was let down by engine noise which sounded quite boomy in the cabin, particularly when the 104mph Navara was put under duress on the motorway.
Symphony Hall, with its perfect acoustic, caused the Halle's splendid players initial problems, with a Beethoven Coriolan overture which was big and boomy and which revealed an imprecision of unison attack - possibly due to a quirk of the sound-parameters back at their new Bridgewater Hall home.
0-litre diesel won't have the dogs pasted to the back window but it feels willing and is surprisingly quiet considering it's at the front end of a big, boomy tin box.