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 (bo͞on′dô′gəl, -dŏg′əl) Informal
1. An unnecessary or wasteful project or activity.
a. A braided leather cord worn as a decoration especially by Boy Scouts.
b. A cord of braided leather, fabric, or plastic strips made by a child as a project to keep busy.
intr.v. boon·dog·gled, boon·dog·gling, boon·dog·gles
To waste time or money on a boondoggle.

[Coined before 1929 by Robert H. Link, American Eagle Scout, as a name for a braided leather decoration, perhaps on the model of earlier woggle, Boy Scout's braided leather neckerchief fastener in the shape of a Turk's-head, or toggle. Sense 1, from a public controversy that emerged in 1935 after New Deal funds were used to provide instruction for the unemployed in handicrafts such as leather braiding.]

boon′dog′gler n.


n (US inf) → staatlich angestellte Niete, kleinkarierte Beamtenseele, beamteter Kleinkrämer
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