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pl.n. Slang
Rural country or a jungle.

[Shortening and alteration of boondocks.]


(ˈbu niz)

n. the, (used with a pl. v.)
Informal. a remote area; boondocks
[1965–70; see boondocks, -ie]
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For reasons that are clear if you live in the boonies, self-driving cars look a little limited in their near-term potential.
However, if you pack the piece underneath your clothes every day or actually have to hump the boonies with your black rifle after the zombies come (and you know they will) every gram counts.
Junction City is out there in the boonies, it feels like, but here's Eugene, this big community, because of how the train came through.
Flash forward a few years and we see a busload of young orphans making their over to the Mullins family home, which, if you know the drill, is located in the boonies.
and a 20,000-plus-acre ranch and architectural compound in the desert boonies near Galisteo, N.
Perhaps my first taste of non-kosher food happened when I was about 9, at a Jewish sleepaway camp in the boonies of Massachusetts.
Then on the way back, I approached two characters dressed in black expensive-looking suits with coffees, bought at Nirvana, no doubt heading back to their law office, for who else in these boonies would be wearing such attire if not lawyers, and a number of law offices were in the near vicinity, for the Barnstable County Courthouse was across the street from Nirvana "Well, lawyers against freedom of speech issues, bravo
The baits he relied on (and still does), as well as the lures, are substantially larger than those we use in the boonies.
10) One that travels from warm salt-tinged humid air wetlands, bayous, and Gulf-backwater boonies to the drafty, always too cold, too white halls of academe.
The land commissioner is a provincial government official - a down-ballot officeholder out here in the boonies.
When out in the boonies and a Bendix drive refuses to engage, shutting everything off, taking the key out of the ignition, getting out of the airplane and using something solid to tap on the cup around the drive has been known to free it.