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Noun1.booster unit - the first stage of a multistage rocketbooster unit - the first stage of a multistage rocket
multistage rocket, step rocket - a rocket having two or more rocket engines (each with its own fuel) that are fired in succession and jettisoned when the fuel is exhausted
rocket engine, rocket - a jet engine containing its own propellant and driven by reaction propulsion
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In a test done on January 15, 2014 on a 2008 Chevrolet Duramax 3500, he installed a Diesel Hydro Dynamo Booster unit.
The SI220 consists of a base unit controller which drives a separate booster unit and allows current switching up to 100A at 220V peak (155V rms).
A spokesman for Birmingham education authority said: "Following the proposed closure of the language- booster unit, Alistair took it upon himself to make a financial donation to the school in order to keep this facility in house.
PSB-2800LS is a booster unit acting as slave to extend current and requires a PSB-2800L master.
Bundle includes: KBC-L2 Mobile Booster Unit, AC Power Adapter, USB Cable, Micro-USB Adapter
The advanced design of the Nokia Booster unit enables easy implementation for network operators and can be easily inserted in an existing Nokia Talk-family base station (BTS).
Today a pilot potroom at the Sayanogorsk aluminium smelter is assembling engineering structures and busbars in a test production area, a substation has been built, and booster units have been installed.
Apart from that, technical snags in power booster units generally occurred during the peak season of summer and it would take some time to repair it," Chopra said.
Harris' booster units find the best signal at the location and amplify it for the immediate area, providing strong multiband signals for cellular devices within their effective radius.