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The highly supportive attitudes and activities of boosters.


(Marketing) the practice of actively promoting a city, region, etc, and its local businesses


(ˈbu stəˌrɪz əm)

the action or policy of enthusiastically promoting something, as a city, product, or service.
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This fifth year posed a test of the marketplaces staying power as the boosterism of the Obama administration gave way to Trumps vocal hostility and persistent efforts by a Republican Congress to dismantle many core features of the 2010 health care law.
Rather than learn the lessons of the BP Spill, the Trump Administration is poised to double down on the same industry boosterism that led to complacency and ultimately to disaster.
Livingstone was never perfect: there was an uncomfortable atmosphere of cronyism, and that deal where he accepted a chunk of cheap oil from Hugo Chavez, and he set us on the path of property boosterism which the capital is still lumbered with today.
Such boosterism shows how hard it is to write a cultural history of Miami, when culture is a mobile, heterogeneous, and complicated concept, capable of being deployed as part of official branding with little concern for actual production on the ground.
They analyze the similarities and differences in the strategies and their relative successes and failures in order to contribute to the literature on global cities, urban imaging, urban boosterism, urban rejuvenation, cultural mega-projects, and cultural and creative businesses and clusters.
When community journalists are part of a community, community boosterism often is the norm.
It takes backbone and a firm commitment to professional standards for any publisher to resist the slide into boosterism.
And we'll go through the same old cycles of boosterism and panic, exhilaration and suspicion.
There's value to embarrassment, but I couldn't care less whether Toronto's reputation as a "world-class" city is affected or not--Rick Salutin has called this inane civic boosterism a true civic embarrassment and I couldn't agree more.
Though a faculty member at the Command and General Staff College's School of Advanced Military Studies, the author does not engage in boosterism.
This is particularly true when it comes to the sports pages, which, prior to the 1960s, engaged in boosterism and fawning accounts of local heroes oftentimes at the expense of the facts.
FlySmart's boosterism and GateGuru's frank user assessments provide a clear line of demarcation.