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Noun1.boot maker - a maker of bootsboot maker - a maker of boots      
cobbler, shoemaker - a person who makes or repairs shoes
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More than 470 color photos bring in-depth detail to "The Art of Leather Inlay and Overlay: A Guide to the Techniques for Top Results" by Lisa Sorrell who is an award-winning leather artist and master cowboy boot maker known for her colorful and intricate designs.
The original hall house was divided into two smaller homes circa 1729, creating this cute cottage and the period property next door, and became the home of the shoe and boot maker in the 1900s.
Qantas Airways has selected iconic Australian boot maker R.
One boot maker typically makes anywhere from seven to nine pairs a day.
wellington boots are named after the Duke of Wellington, who instructed his boot maker to create the first pair.
The team was also fitted for custom cowboy boots by a Houston boot maker who has made boots for numerous celebrities, including both Presidents Bush.
She was fitted for her exclusive footwear earlier in the year by Northamptonshire boot maker Horace Batten and the boots took the hides of four cows to make.
At Mobile World Congress the company showed how users can aim their phone at an ad from Norwegian boot maker Viking, and see different models superimposed over the ad.
You don't have to break out the snowboard gear to appreciate the latest house shoes from California snowboard boot maker Freewaters.
He has gone on to work with boot maker Ariat International of California.
The tenant mix on Upper Madison Avenue is becoming more diverse, with the arrival of Australian boot maker Ugg and designer Michael Kors, according to a new report from PBS Real Estate, which highlights new trends in retail real estate in New York City, Crain's reported.