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A forked device for holding a boot secure while the foot is being withdrawn.


a device that grips the heel of a boot to enable the foot to be withdrawn easily



a yokelike device for catching the heel of a boot, as a riding boot, to aid in removing it.


A metal V-shaped catch, attached either to the floor or to a wide board that could be stood on, and used to hook around a boot and hold it so one’s foot could more easily be pulled out from the boot.
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Noun1.Bootjack - has V-shaped notch for pulling off bootsbootjack - has V-shaped notch for pulling off boots
device - an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose; "the device is small enough to wear on your wrist"; "a device intended to conserve water"


[ˈbuːtˌdʒæk] ncavastivali m inv
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Later in the evening, when his mind had been set at rest about the bootjack, Laurie said suddenly to his wife, "Mrs.
You go there, enter the great door, get a bow graduated to your style and clothes from the gorgeous portier, and a bath ticket and an insult from the frowsy woman for a quarter; she strikes a bell and a serving-man conducts you down a long hall and shuts you into a commodious room which has a washstand, a mirror, a bootjack, and a sofa in it, and there you undress at your leisure.
They did not see Matthew, who shrank bashfully back into the shadows beyond the woodbox with a boot in one hand and a bootjack in the other, and he watched them shyly for the aforesaid ten minutes as they put on caps and jackets and talked about the dialogue and the concert.
Grewgious, bolt upright as usual, sat taking his wine in the dusk at his open window; his wineglass and decanter on the round table at his elbow; himself and his legs on the window-seat; only one hinge in his whole body, like a bootjack.
I could have thrown my bootjack at him (it lay ready on the rug), for having entrapped me into the disclosure of anything concerning Agnes, however immaterial.
To his groping hands they felt not unlike double-headed bootjacks.
Besides the Big Pocono tower, others targeted for replacement include: Tamarack, Coffin Rock and Snowshoe, in Sproul State Forest; Rockton, Chestnut Ridge (Knobs), Rattlesnake, Summit and Black Hills, Moshannon; Dry Land, Mehoopany and Bear Springs, Pinchot; Brooks Run and Bootjack, Elk; and Bears Head and Mauch Chunk, Weiser.