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1. Any of a series of boron-hydrogen compounds, especially a reactive gaseous molecule, BH3, that is the simplest binary compound of boron and hydrogen.
2. A derivative of such a compound.


(Elements & Compounds) any compound of boron and hydrogen, used in the synthesis of other boron compounds and as high-energy fuels
[C20: from bor(on) + -ane]


(ˈbɔr eɪn, ˈboʊr-)

any of the compounds of boron and hydrogen.
[< German Boran (1916); see boron, -ane]
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Dimethyl Sulfide (DMS) is used in API and intermediate synthesis as the sulfonium salt (in epoxidation reactions) or in borane reducing agents (BH3-DMS).
The complexing ability of amine towards borane was monitored by [sup.
Pyrromethene dialkynyl borane complexes for "cascatelle" energy transfer and protein labeling.
Borane dimethylsulphide (10M solution), 5ml (50 m mol) was taken in a 200ml round-bottom flask, provided with a rubber stoppred side arm and fitted with a condenser connected to a mercury bubbler.
Among specific topics are influences of surface chemistry on the dehydrogenation kinetics of ammonia borane in porous carbon scaffolds, the synthesis and photocatalytic performance of hierarchical porous titanium phosphonate hybrid materials, the catalytic activity of sulfated zirconia promoted with cerium oxide, basic ion exchange resins as heterogeneous catalysts for biodiesel synthesis, and a novel non-metal oxygen reduction electrocatalyst based on platelet carbon nanofiber.
Electrospining concept has been used to incorporate ammonia borane core and polystyrene sheath in a nano matrix which is permeable to hydrogen.
recently reported that mechanical milling of alkali metal hydrides with ammonia borane can further lower the decomposition temperature (5).
Further reduction of this product with a borane solution in THF gave 4,4',4"-methanetriyltris(2-hydroxymethyl)phenol) in 76% yield.
The authors cover practical features of stability, reactivity, and workup, as well as such aspects of allylboration as the stereochemical control elements, including relative diastereoselection with crotylboranes, induced (internal) diastereoselection with chiral carbonyl compounds, auxiliary-controlled enantio-selective allylations with chiral borane reagents, and recent advances in catalysis of allylboration.
Under the terms of the subcontract, Ensign Bickford will provide a fueling system that converts ammonia borane into hydrogen, and Protonex will provide a fuel cell system that converts hydrogen to electricity.