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n. pl. bor·de·reaux (-rō′)
A detailed memorandum, especially one that lists documents or accounts.

[French, probably from bord, edge, margin, from Old French bort, of Germanic origin.]


(ˌbɔːdəˈrəʊ; French bɔrdəro)
n, pl -reaux (-ˈrəʊ; -ˈrəʊz; French -ro)
(Insurance) a memorandum or invoice prepared for a company by an underwriter, containing a list of reinsured risks
[C20: from French]


(ˌbɔr dəˈroʊ)

n., pl. -reaux (-ˈroʊz)
a detailed memorandum, esp. one in which documents are listed.
[1895–1900; < French]
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Her actual knowledge of the Misses Bordereau was scarcely larger than mine, and indeed I had brought with me from England some definite facts which were new to her.
Most dead of all did poor Miss Bordereau appear, and yet she alone had survived.
Perhaps the people are afraid of the Misses Bordereau.
Miss Bordereau requested her to say that she could not imagine what he meant by troubling them.
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Cette loi, dont le decret d'application n'a ete adopte que le 3 septembre dernier, constitue bel et bien une percee indeniable en vue de doter le Maroc d'une veritable pratique archivistique ou plan de classement, bordereau de versement et calendrier de conservation seraient monnaie courante dans le quotidien du fonctionnaire et du salarie marocains.
As proof he obtained a sample of Esterhazy's handwriting and confirmed that it was identicalnot similar but identicalto that of the bordereau.
A loss bordereau contains a detailed list of claims and claims expenses outstanding and paid by the managing general agent, third party administrator or reinsured during the reporting period, reflecting the amount of indemnity applicable thereto.
The separation of protein components and chitin was performed by extended basic hydrolysis as indicated by Bordereau & Anderson in Abbaci & Hamza (2004).
Bertillon recognizes the new sample as identical to that of the bordereau.
This is generally interpreted as a sign of synthetic activity (Han and Bordereau, 1982), but it is also known in the context of programmed cell death (Klepal et al.
2009; Bordereau & Pasteels, 2011) and secretes it from glands located on the underside of their abdomens.