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A binary compound of boron with a more electropositive element.


(Elements & Compounds) a compound in which boron is the most electronegative element, esp a compound of boron and a metal
[C19: from bor(on) + -ide]


(ˈbɔr aɪd, ˈboʊr-)

a compound consisting of two elements of which boron is the more electronegative one.
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He retired from the Boride Research Group at NIMS, where he established the world's highest-temperature crystal-growth laboratory, especially for growing crystals of refractory materials such as rare-earth borides, transition metal borides, and carbides.
11:00-11:30 am--Durable Nickel Boride Coating Systems for Demanding Marine Applications--Yancy Riddle, UCT Coatings, Inc.
However, spatial variation of concentrations of common trace elements in groundwater such as boride and boron and the suitability of groundwater for drinking and irrigational needs were not included.
2] 7 820 Quartz (silicone dioxide-silica) Similar to tool steels -- 935 Chromium -- 1,160 Zirconia -- 1,250 Beryllia 8 1,340 Topaz (hydrous aluminum fluorosilicate) -- 1,360 Garnet -- 1,400- Tungsten carbide alloy 1,800 -- 1,550 Zirconium boride 9 -- Corundum Ruby or sapphire (aluminum fluorosilicate) aluminum oxides 9 1,800 Titanium nitride -- 1,880 Tungsten carbide -- 2,000 Tantalum carbide -- 2,100 Zirconium carbide -- 2,100 Alumina -- 2,410 Beryllium carbide -- 2,470 Titanium carbide -- 2,480 Silicone carbide -- 2,500 Aluminum boride -- 2,750 Boron carbide 10 7,000 Diamond (carbon) Table 4--hardness of fillers mixed in batch mixers (ref.
The chemistry of the core, revealed by thermal degradation, naphthalene anion, and by nickel boride reduction show the role played by the oxygen and sulfur linkages in holding major segments together.
USING THE LATEST TECHNOLOGIES: Replacing grinding operations with Cubic Boride Nitride inserts.
The space shuttles' exterior tiles, made to withstand the heat of re-entry into the atmosphere, are coated with borosilicate glass tinted black with silicon boride.
Others are using waterjet for rapid prototyping because there are no tooling costs and faster turn around according to Jeff Gardner, Boride Products, Travers City, MI, a company that has been an active participant in the development of waterjet technology.
We believe that the yttrium-palladium boride carbide superconductor will prove to be the first of a new family of high-temperature [superconducting] intermetallic compounds, and we suggest that boride carbides (and borides) represent one road to high-temperature [superconductors] that is worthy of exploration," the Cava group writes.
Abstract Tungsten boride (WB) powder was used as a wear-resistance material, then clad on a Ti-6A1-4V substrate by the gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) method.