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(Elements & Compounds) a white solid terpene alcohol extracted from the Malaysian tree Dryobalanops aromatica, used in perfume and in the manufacture of organic esters. Formula: C10H17OH. Also called: bornyl alcohol
[C19: from Borne(o) + -ol1]


(ˈbɔr niˌɔl, -ˌɒl)

a solid terpene alcohol, C10H18O, used in synthesizing camphor and in perfumes.
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Its essential oil contains cineol, borneol, and thujone.
Alcohol constituents include linalol, menthol, borneol, santalol, nerol, citronellol, and geranio1.
The following herbs were used in three studies: Sophora flavescens root, Cnidium monnieri seed, Dictamnus dasycarpus bark and borneol.
This is the same weekly process of cleaning and perfuming that involves the replacement of the most famous aromatic adornment of this image, the large white trapezoid mass of molded borneol camphor that adorns the forehead of the image, bisected by a groove filled with a dark-colored paste of musk and sandalwood.
Its chemical structure contains such compounds as oleoresin, geranial, neral, b-fellandren, sineol, borneol, bisabolen, zingiberen, gingeroles, sogaoles, diterpenes, lypids, protein, starch and vitamins.
Ada cayi yapraklarinin damitilmasi ile elde edilen ada cayi yagi; salvene, pinene, camphor, cineole, borneol, thujone, sponin, diterpene, phenolic asit, salviatanin, ursokolik asit, kafeik asit ve flavonoidleri icerir (1-3).
Known as oil of curcuma, it contains borneol, cineol, curcumin, phellandrene, turmerone and zingerone.
However, due to restrictions of the zoo, we removed the experiments for borneol and eucalyptol; thus, only 4 experiments are presented here.
Isoborneol, borneol and cadinene demonstrated antiseptic properties, combined with the ability of juniper oil to stimulate kidney activity contributes to its use as a mild diuretic and as a hypotensive agent (Brandies 1996, Jean Valnet 1982, and Marcel 1990).
0 ND ND ND 3-Octanol 547 197 1,063 137 3-Octanone 8,952 6,314 9,039 5,506 5-Methyl-3-heptanone ND ND ND ND Anisole 9,221 1,357 ND 1,245 Borneol ND 509 1,011 699 Dimethyl disulfide 225 275 175 214 Ethyl isobutyrate ND ND ND ND Fenchone ND ND 294 109 Geosmin ND ND ND ND Isopropyl acetate 1,106 2,914 1,471 503 Thujopsene ND ND ND ND [alpha]-Terpineol 1,172 794 1,199 1,088 Total Microbial VOCs 26,119 13,479 18,144 11,041 (TMVOCs) ND = Not detected