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n. Symbol B
A nonmetallic element that is amorphous and brown or crystalline and black, and is extracted chiefly from kernite and borax and used in flares, propellant mixtures, nuclear reactor control elements, abrasives, and hard metallic alloys. Atomic number 5; atomic weight 10.811; melting point 2,075°C; boiling point 4000°C; specific gravity (crystal) 2.34, (amorphous) 2.37; valence 3. See Periodic Table.

bo·ron′ic (bə-rŏn′ĭk, bô-) adj.


of or relating to boron
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Adj.1.boronic - of or relating to boron
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Inhibition of the enzymatic activity of prostate-specific antigen by boric acid and 3-nitrophenyl boronic acid.
By adding a compound with a halogen (elements such as bromine and chlorine) as a linker on one side of a molecular fragment and a boronic acid on the other, the building blocks can snap together like train cars.
Optima Chemical offers a wide variety of Organometallic, Organosilanes, Organophosphines, Metal Hydrides and Grignards to complement its well-established Boronic Acid product lines.
8,921,299 B2; The Procter & Gamble Company has patented a detergent composition comprising tiron (1,2-dihydroxybenzene-3,5-disulfonic acid, or mono- or di-sulfonate salts of the acid); a ligand capable of chelating to Fe3+, wherein the ligand has a binding constant for Fe3+ that is greater than 1018 M-1, and wherein the ligand is selected from the group consisting of aminocarboxylates containing at least two N atoms, amino-phosphonates containing at least two N atoms, and geminal bisphosphonates; an iron-displacing species selected from the group consisting of phenyl boronic acid, A13+' and mixtures thereof; and at least about 0.
Its main field of expertise covers the development and production of heterocycles, boronic acids, amino acids, metal catalysts and chiral compounds.
Deore, Yu, and Freund developed a substituted polyaniline whose self-doped state can be controlled via complexes between boronic acid groups along the backbone with D-fructose in the presence of fluoride.
Green tea polyphenols block the anticancer effects of bortezomib and other boronic acid-based proteasome inhibitors.
Key statement: The present invention is directed to a pneumatic tire comprising a component, the component comprising a rubber composition comprising a diene based elastomer and 1 to 100 phr of: A) a twin polymerization reaction product of a silyl ether; or B) a twin polymerization reaction product of a boronic acid ester; or C) a twin polymerization reaction product of a titanium compound derived from tetraethyl orthotitanate and furfuryl alcohol; or D) a twin polymerization reaction product of a tungsten compound.
Among the topics are solid-phase reactions of polymer-bound arenesulfonates with aryl Grignard reagents, resin-to-resin transfer reactions through Sonogashira coupling, polyaniline-immobilized palladium for Suzuki-Miyuaura coupling reactions in water, solid-phase reactions of resin-supported boronic acids, and the palladium-catalyzed solid-phase synthesis of allelic amines.
Controlling false-positive results obtained with the Hodge and Masuda assays for detection of class a carbapenemase in species of Enterobacteriaceae by incorporating boronic acid.
Three different organoboron compounds, boronic acid, boronate, and trifluoroborate, containing pyrrole were synthesized and then used in cross-coupling reactions with iodoanisole, bromoanisole, iodobenzene, and bromo-benze to assess the reactivity of the organoboron compounds and their potential as reagents in the synthesis of pentabromopseudilin.
These BCMs deliver drugs based on the self-assembly of boronic acid-containing polymers and catechol-containing polymers, both of which make these micelles unusually sensitive to changes in the pH of the environment.