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1. Poorly crystallized diamonds used for industrial cutting and abrasion.
2. A carbonado.

[Probably from Dutch boort, tiny waste diamond pieces produced in the gem cutting process, bort , probably from Old French bourt, bastard, from Late Latin burdus, hinny, probably of Celtic origin; akin to Burdō and Burdōnus, ancient Celtic masculine personal names derived from a word for a donkey or mule, animals admired for their robustness.]

bort′y adj.


(bɔːt) or




(Elements & Compounds) an inferior grade of diamond used for cutting and drilling or, in powdered form, as an industrial abrasive
[Old English gebrot fragment; related to Old Norse brot piece, Old High German broz bud]
ˈborty adj



low-quality diamond, in granular aggregate or small fragments, valuable only in crushed or powdered form as an abrasive.
[1615–25; appar. metathetic variant of *brot (Old English gebrot fragment)]
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Jennifer Bort Yacovissi's command of language and history make for fluid and tactile reading.
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If we look anywhere in the world, we find digital OOH's market share increasing," says Bort.
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In 1902 Teisserenc de Bort suggested that the atmosphere be divided into two parts.
We are pleased that, working with the The Sands Regent and its board of directors, we have helped create value for The Sands Regent's shareholders," said Randy Bort, Managing Director, based in Los Angeles, who lead the Mercanti advisory team.
KTM's Coma began the day with an overall lead of 10min 12sec in the motorcycle category and that was reduced to 7min 57sec after Joan Barreda Bort claimed the stage win for Team HRC.
SARA MANCHIPP ERS iddi gael ei choroni'n Miss Cymru 2011, mae bywyd Sara Manchipp o Bort Talbot wedi newid cryn dipyn wrth iddi droi'n destun sylw yn y cyfryngau yng Nghymru a thu hwnt.
Mae cameru yn dilyn y fyfyrwraig o Bort Talbot wrth iddi ymbincio mewn salonau, ymddangos ar y teledu a'r radio a modelu.
There will be poetry readings from Katrina Porteous, Paul Summers and Andy Croft with theatre from Paddy Bort performing Flann O'Brien's Thirst.
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