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n. pl. bor·zois
A dog of a tall slender breed developed in Russia for hunting wolves, having a narrow pointed head and a silky coat. Also called Russian wolfhound.

[From Russian borzoĭ, swift, variant of borzyĭ.]


n, pl -zois
(Breeds) a tall graceful fast-moving breed of dog with a long silky coat, originally used in Russia for hunting wolves. Also called: Russian wolfhound
[C19: from Russian borzoi, literally: swift; related to Old Slavonic brǔzǔ swift]


(ˈbɔr zɔɪ)

n., pl. -zois.
any of a breed of tall, slender, swift dogs with long, silky hair and a long, narrow head, raised orig. in Russia for hunting wolves. Also called Russian wolfhound.
[1885–90; < Russian borzóǐ orig., swift, fast]
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Noun1.borzoi - tall fast-moving dog breedborzoi - tall fast-moving dog breed    
wolfhound - the largest breed of dogs; formerly used to hunt wolves


[ˈbɔːzɔɪ] Ngalgo m ruso


nBarsoi m
References in classic literature ?
Another borzoi, a dog, catching sight of his master from the garden path, arched his back and, rushing headlong toward the porch with lifted tail, began rubbing himself against his legs.
The eight-year-old, trained by the rider's father-in-law John Balding, was produced on the line to beat Borzoi Maestro by a short head to gain the eighth success of his career, all of which have come at Southwell or Wolverhampton.
Past productions from her company Opera & Ballet International have included an eagle, a white stallion, huge Borzoi hounds, a massive fish tank full of koi carp and a pair of Estonian strippers.
The Borzoi cross has spent all 11 years of his life in dogs' homes - though staff say he's "very, very friendly, impeccably behaved and loves a cuddle".
Trick Cyclist disappointed at Haydock last time, perhaps because of the tacky ground, and has to be feared along with the pair directly below him in the weights, Red Sovereign and Borzoi Maestro.
The huge response to our appeal for the Borzoi cross who has spent 11 years in care delighted staff looking after him.
Borzoi Maestro has made all four times in his career and has more early dash than these.
According to Sheppard, the Borzoi breed were originally reared to chase wolves, not balls.
five-furlong nursery, in which Tony Beech, rider of the third-placed Borzoi Maestro, picked up a five-day ban for two instances of careless riding.
Borzoi (Henry Cecil/Joe Mercer) justifies a big home reputation when taking the two-year-old conditions race at Newmarket from Foveros (Clive Brittain/Tony Ives).
Borzoi Maestro readily defied a penalty despite a slipping saddle in the nursery, and John Spearing's gelding is clearly still ahead of the handicapper
John Spearing had not used Lisa Jones before booking her for Borzoi Maestro in the nursery, but he will have no hesitation in engaging the 5lb claimer again as she made all on the gelding for a convincing win - despite a slipping saddle.