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A variety of pear having a long neck, greenish-yellow skin overlaid with reddish-brown color, and juicy sweet flesh.

[After Louis Augustin Guillaume Bosc (1759-1828), Belgian horticulturist.]
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Noun1.Bosc - greenish-yellow pearbosc - greenish-yellow pear      
pear - sweet juicy gritty-textured fruit available in many varieties
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But now it's Bosc whose name will haunt the Giants after he banged over a crucial drop goal with four minutes remaining to make it 21-20 after a truly pulsating encounter in the south of France.
Scrum-half Bosc, who was appointed as the club's new captain, is facing a month on the sidelines after damaging his ankle in training while secondrower Fakir is out of tomorrow's opening game at Wakefield with a hamstring injury.
The Crusaders fought back but Catalans led 22-6 ahead at half time after Shane Perry's try was converted by Bosc.
A former SAA International Network Planner previously warned Mr Bosc that the exaggerated fare price that Mr Bosc had used in the calculation, would not be achieved, and that this would cause further losses to SAA.
The 28-year-old Bosc, who holds the club record for most points in Super League after amassing 701 in 106 appearances, has played only five times this year but remains a valuable member of the Dragons squad.
Myler and Daryl Goulding, on loan from Wigan, left a Bosc kick for each other and Pelo cashed in.
Bosc kicked five conversions and added an injury-time penalty.
Bosc settled French nerves with a 77th-minute drop goal and a last-minute penalty to leave Walters beaming with pride.
Wolves started the match facing a strong wind - and were blown away by Bosc and the Dragons despite an early Chris Hicks penalty.
Bosc grabbed the match winning try midway through the second half and kicked four goals for a haul of 12 points.
The sprawling, mostly garden patio cafe in the heart of Hollywood known as Cafe des Artistes now has a true artiste in the kitchen in chef Jean Pierre Bosc.
South African Airways Chief Commercial Officer, Sylvain Bosc, said: The new facility has been appropriately named VIA lounge, as the lounges are a transition point for travellers for they travel via the airport to the destination of their choice.