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A small grove; a thicket.

[French, from Italian boschetto, diminutive of bosco, forest, of Germanic origin.]


(Forestry) a variant spelling of bosket

Bosk, Bosquet, Bosket, Boscage

 a grove or plantation of shrubs or trees, 1737.
Examples: bosk of flowers, 1878; of holly, 1833; of laurel, 1833; of shrubs, 1737; of trees, 1737; of wildernesses, 1847.
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Bosquet, sent me a drawing of a perfect specimen of an unmistakeable sessile cirripede, which he had himself extracted from the chalk of Belgium.
Les faits remontent a l'annee 2016, date a laquelle, la victime, une ouvriere de retour de son travail a ete abordee par l'agresseur qui l'a forcee sous la menace d'un couteau a le suivre dans un bosquet de la region de Mellassine oo il l'a violee a plusieurs reprises et lui a inflige des violences sexuelles.
Capio AB (STO:CAPIO) announced on Wednesday that Arnaud Bosquet, representing Apax Partners, has decided to resign as director from the company's board of directors, effective immediately.
2013 Lussac-Saint Emilion, Les Ormes du Bosquet PS6.
Which battle in 1854 prompted General Bosquet to say, "It is magnificent, but it is not war: it is madness"?
Laurent Bosquet (1,2) ([mail]), Kenan Gouadec (2), Nicolas Berryman (1,3,4), Cyril Duclos (5,6), Vincent Gremeaux (7,8) and Jean Louis Croisier (9)
Further afield, the guide lists two restaurants in Kenilworth - The Cross and Bosquet - four in Warwick and one in Wolverhampton.
Antoine Bosquet, director of sales for port cranes at Konecranes, added: "Our business continues to grow in Africa.
In the grassy heart of the Bosquet des Bains d'Apollon, a meadow rarely open to visitors, the artist placed a large stone atop a square sheet of steel, five feet below ground.
Located within the university's Bosquet building, the media centre will be an integral element of AUP's new Student Life and Learning Centre and a hub of student activity.
A choice of three upholstered chairs in solid mango wood with a stained and tinted bosquet finish are also available to help you create the ideal dining collection for your home.
A growing number of studies are showing that environmental stressors, including noise and chemical pollution, may affect children's behaviour and mental health, said Michelle Bosquet, a psychologist at Boston Children's Hospital, Fox news reported.