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A small grove; a thicket.

[French, from Italian boschetto, diminutive of bosco, forest, of Germanic origin.]


(Forestry) a variant spelling of bosket

Bosk, Bosquet, Bosket, Boscage

 a grove or plantation of shrubs or trees, 1737.
Examples: bosk of flowers, 1878; of holly, 1833; of laurel, 1833; of shrubs, 1737; of trees, 1737; of wildernesses, 1847.
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Bosquet, sent me a drawing of a perfect specimen of an unmistakeable sessile cirripede, which he had himself extracted from the chalk of Belgium.
Looking at the portrait and the paintings of rooms in the villa at Le Bosquet so recognisable to us as similar to our own, it is hard to credit that Bonnard belonged to a completely different era.
By way of a general obituary, French Marshal Pierre Bosquet trenchantly observed: "C'est magnifique, mais ce n'est pas la guerre.
On 19 December, the Detroit Free Press revealed that in 2013 the trustees of the Edsel & Eleanor Ford House on Grosse Pointe Shores had succumbed to the third unsolicited offer from an anonymous private collector and discreetly sold Cdzanne's La Montague Sainte-Victoire vue du bosquet du Chateau Noir of around 1904 for a mighty $100m.
In the grassy heart of the Bosquet des Bains d'Apollon, a meadow rarely open to visitors, the artist placed a large stone atop a square sheet of steel, five feet below ground.
The French general Pierre Bosquet cried out disbelievingly, "It is magnificent, but it is not war, it is madness.
Headed by Chef Gilles Bosquet, Opal by Gordon Ramsay serves classic British food in a bistro-style environment.
French general Pierre Bosquet, watching the suicidal charge of the British Light Brigade in the Crimean War in 1854, said: "It is magnificent, but it is not war.
A choice of three upholstered chairs in solid mango wood with a stained and tinted bosquet finish are also available to help you create the ideal dining collection for your home.