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 (bô′stən, bŏs′tən)
The capital and largest city of Massachusetts, in the eastern part of the state on an inlet of Massachusetts Bay. Founded in the 17th century, it was a leading center of agitation against England in the 18th century and a stronghold of abolitionist thought in the 19th century. Today it is a major commercial, financial, and educational hub.

Bos·to′ni·an (bô-stō′nē-ən, bŏs-) adj. & n.


1. (Card Games) a card game for four, played with two packs
2. (Dancing) chiefly US a slow gliding dance, a variation of the waltz


1. (Placename) a port in E Massachusetts, the state capital. Pop: 581 616 (2003 est)
2. (Placename) a port in E England, in SE Lincolnshire. Pop: 35 124 (2001)


(ˈbɔ stən, ˈbɒs tən)

the capital of Massachusetts, in the E part. 558,394.
Bos•to•ni•an (bɔˈstoʊ ni ən, bɒˈstoʊ-) adj., n.
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Noun1.Boston - state capital and largest city of MassachusettsBoston - state capital and largest city of Massachusetts; a major center for banking and financial services
battle of Bunker Hill, Bunker Hill - the first important battle of the American War of Independence (1775) which was fought at Breed's Hill; the British defeated the colonial forces
Charlestown Navy Yard - the navy yard in Boston where the frigate `Constitution' is anchored
Bay State, Massachusetts, Old Colony, MA - a state in New England; one of the original 13 colonies
Boston Harbor - the seaport at Boston
Beacon Hill - a fashionable section of Boston; site of the Massachusetts capital building
Charlestown - a former town and present-day neighborhood of Boston; settled in 1629


Boston baked beans
pl (US) weiße Bohnen mit gepökeltem Schweinefleisch und Melasse oder braunem Zucker
Boston crab
n (Wrestling) → Beinschraube f
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I don't think that in Boston there is any real sympathy with the artistic temperament; we tend to make everything a matter of right and wrong.
Foot Note: There is a statue representing John Winthrop in Scollay Square in Boston.
Boston was then covered with wild woods, and had fewer inhabitants, even, than Salem.
Beginning in Boston, they were continued in a Boston suburb, on the shores of Lake George, in a Western New York health resort, in Buffalo, in Nahant; once, twice, and thrice in New York, with reversions to Boston, and summer excursions to the hills and waters of New England, until it seemed that their author had at last said his say, and he voluntarily lapsed into silence with the applause of friends and enemies alike.
In that somewhat distant year 1875, when the telegraph and the Atlantic cable were the most wonderful things in the world, a tall young professor of elocution was desperately busy in a noisy machine-shop that stood in one of the narrow streets of Boston, not far from Scollay Square.
Not only was Bell himself a teacher of the laws of speech, so highly skilled that he was an instructor in Boston University.
Meetings were held in New York, Brooklyn, Boston, Philadelphia, and other large cities, and at all of these meetings General Armstrong pleased, together with myself, for help, not for Hampton, but for Tuskegee.
We in Boston are constantly indebted to you for doing our work.
As we did not land at Boston, in consequence of some detention at the wharf, until after dark, I received my first impressions of the city in walking down to the Custom-house on the morning after our arrival, which was Sunday.
Many of the resident gentry in Boston and its neighbourhood, and I think I am not mistaken in adding, a large majority of those who are attached to the liberal professions there, have been educated at this same school.
He used to bum araound the c'mission houses to Boston lookin' fer the Lord to make him captain of a towboat on his merits.