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A leather bag or sack for holding wine.



a small leather wine container


(ˈboʊ tə)

n., pl. -tas.
a goatskin bag for holding wine.
[< Sp < Late Latin butta, buttis cask; see butt4]
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Noun1.bota - a wine bottle made of leather
wine bottle - a bottle for holding wine
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Sancho rode on his ass like a patriarch, with his alforjas and bota, and longing to see himself soon governor of the island his master had promised him.
770 2,327 Brands Bota Box DFV Wines 347 656 940 1,604 2,050 Bogle Bogle Vineyards 1,138 1,252 1,423 1,575 1,830 14 Hands Ste.
And, they have responded to the site and created this especially for Stonehenge," Bota added.
Producers like Bota Box use unbleached Kraft paper bonded with cornstarch instead of glue and imprinted directly with soy-based rather than petroleum-based inks.
He dismissed Bota Sot's reports as speculations, libel and amateurism.
Bota Pathri (Jammu and Kashmir), May 1 ( ANI ): Tourist spot Bota Pathri in Jammu and Kashmir opened up for visitors after 22 years on Monday.
Gallo Winery 275 360 550 Bota Box DFV Wines 151 187 207 Liberty Creek E.
But after the fast bowler had become his side's top scorer in the innings with 42, he edged Makhaya Ntini to Bota Dippenaar in the gully to spark South African celebrations.
For example, late last year Delicato Family Vineyards released three award-winning premium varietal wines in its 3-liter Bota Box, which boasts its own specially designed spigot and collapsible bag to prevent oxygen from reaching the wine.
000 Vineyards Black Box Constellation 1,130 1,530 1,879 2,070 2,695 Brands Rex Goliath Constellation 458 671 1,127 1,770 2,327 Brands Bota Box DFV Wines 347 656 940 1,604 2,050 Bogle Bogle 1,138 1,252 1,423 1,575 1,830 Vineyards 14 Hands Ste.
Atia said she and Mohammad Bota had a love marriage in 1992 but added that her husband beat her in latter years and this continued without any let up, which ultimately led her murder him.