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tr.v. botched, botch·ing, botch·es
1. To perform poorly or ruin through clumsiness or ineptitude: botch a tennis shot; botch a rebellion.
2. To repair or mend clumsily or ineptly.
1. A ruined or defective piece of work: "I have made a miserable botch of this description" (Nathaniel Hawthorne).
2. A hodgepodge.

[Middle English bocchen, to mend.]

botch′er n.
botch′y adj.
Synonyms: botch, blow1, bungle, butcher, fumble, muff1
These verbs mean to harm or spoil through ineptitude or clumsiness: botch a repair; blow an opportunity; bungle an interview; butchered the haircut; fumbled my chance to apologize; muffed the last play of the game.
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Noun1.botcher - someone who makes mistakes because of incompetencebotcher - someone who makes mistakes because of incompetence
incompetent, incompetent person - someone who is not competent to take effective action


A clumsy person:
Slang: screwup.


n (inf)Murkser m (inf), → Pfuscher m (inf)
References in classic literature ?
He will be as indefatigable in defending our historical edifices as our iconoclasts of the schools and academies are eager in attacking them; for it is a grievous thing to see into what hands the architecture of the Middle Ages has fallen, and in what a manner the botchers of plaster of the present day treat the ruin of this grand art, it is even a shame for us intelligent men who see them at work and content ourselves with hooting them.
The new Under Milk Wood, which serves as the final offering of a year-long anniversary celebration of Thomas' birth on October 27, 1914, features a dream cast including Charlotte Church as Polly Garter, Aneirin Hughes as Organ Morgan, Nia Roberts as Myfanwy Price, Di Botcher as Mrs Dai Bread Two - plus the likes of Sara Sugarman, Mark Lewis Jones, Sharon Morgan and Sue Roderick in a variety of smaller roles.
Ruth Jones as Stella (main) and inset, Di Botcher, who plays Aunty Brenda |
Its unusually explicit, though permissive, stage directions state that the clown, Bunch the Botcher, comes on stage "with a paire of sheares, a handbasket with a crossebottome of thread, three or foure paire of old stockings, peeces of fustian and cloath, &c.
Although we are disappointed by the County Board's decision, we want to acknowledge the outpouring of support we have received from all corners of the community, both today and throughout the debate," said Sandy Botcher, vice present at Northwestern Mutual and head of the company's downtown campus expansion project.
2 Royal Mail botcher Vince Cable intervening in the takeover of a British drugs company by US Viagra-maker Pfizer.
Shot on location in South Wales and London, it stars Svengali creator Johnny Owen as hapless band manager Dixie, his love interest This Is England actress Vicky McLure and a host of well known names including Martin Freeman and Matt Berry alongside some well known Welsh faces including the late Brian Hibbard, Di Botcher and Radio 1 DJ Huw Stephens.
The fraud charges were later dropped amid numerous complaints that the UK government's Serious Fraud Office (SFO) had seriously botcher their investigation.
Being both a bird watcher and a word botcher, I recently took my three granddaughters to the San Diego Wild Animal Park, where we attended "Frequent Flyers," the famous bird show.
Gareth Thomas and Di Botcher, winner and runner up of the Cariad@iaith programme where eight celebrities were filmed learning Welsh using Popeth Cymraeg's Unlimited Learning method
Sandra Clark, a resident of Brookfield, is participating again in this year's Against the Tide Cape Cod event with her daughter, Colleen Botcher.
The image is of a bachelor boy who is a bit of a botcher while handling money, friends or the snooty office siren Monica ( Dia Mirza) -- in short, life in general.