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v. both·ered, both·er·ing, both·ers
1. To cause to be irritated, especially by repeated acts; trouble or annoy: "I spoke French badly. So I always replied to him in English. This didn't bother him" (Paul Theroux). See Synonyms at annoy.
2. To make agitated or perplexed; upset: "Jerry could see ... how much the doctor had been bothered by the failure of the first surgery" (Rick Bass).
3. To intrude on without warrant or invitation; disturb: "When I saw him slumped in a chair, deep in thought, I decided not to bother him" (Pat Toomay).
4. To give discomfort or pain to: a back condition that bothers her constantly.
5. To take the trouble (to do something); concern oneself with (accomplishing something): "Most people [with the syndrome] have such mild symptoms that they never bother to see a doctor" (Jane E. Brody).
To take trouble; concern oneself: "old, hard-to-reach coal seams that were too complex or dangerous for other coal companies to bother with" (Jeff Goodell).
A cause or state of disturbance.
Used to express annoyance or mild irritation.

[Probably from dialectal bodder, possibly of Celtic origin.]
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Then she grabbed up the basket and slammed it across the house and knocked the cat galley-west; and she said cle'r out and let her have some peace, and if we come bothering around her again betwixt that and dinner she'd skin us.
The fact is, my dear, I hadn't any intention of bothering you with details.
I AM fed up with the number of people I have heard saying that they won't be bothering to vote in the forthcoming election.
annoy is used for bothering someone to the point of anger.
But if what Wood is trying to say here is that we have become a much more open society, where people are encouraged to express themselves and talk about what's bothering them, well, duh
She seemed oblivious to one of the first lessons a new Web surfer learns: There is a universe of free Internet pornography that anyone looking online lot explicit sex can see without bothering to download and install a video game modification.