bottle-nosed dolphin

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bot·tle·nose dolphin

 (bŏt′l-nōz′) also bot·tle-nosed dolphin (-nōzd′)
A marine mammal (Tursiops truncatus) of temperate and tropical waters worldwide, having a short protruding beak, a gray or brown stocky body, and a prominent curved dorsal fin.

bot′tle-nosed` dol′phin

any of several dolphins of the genus Tursiops, common in North Atlantic and Mediterranean waters, having a rounded forehead and well-defined beak.
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Noun1.bottle-nosed dolphin - any of several dolphins with rounded forehead and well-developed beakbottle-nosed dolphin - any of several dolphins with rounded forehead and well-developed beak; chiefly of northern Atlantic and Mediterranean
dolphin - any of various small toothed whales with a beaklike snout; larger than porpoises
genus Tursiops, Tursiops - a genus of Delphinidae
Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops truncatus - the most common dolphin of northern Atlantic and Mediterranean; often kept captive and trained to perform
Pacific bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops gilli - a bottlenose dolphin found in the Pacific Ocean
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The first report of nonhuman in infection occurred in 1971 in an Atlantic bottle-nosed dolphin from Florida (10).
Another group of dolphins inhabit the coastal waters of the Isle of Isla and, on mainland Argyll, the waters near Crinan have recently become another bottle-nosed dolphin hotspot.
The bottle-nosed dolphin was found in a weak state on the sand at Barmouth at 3.
Peter Collins, a National Trust warden, believes Andy - a bottle-nosed dolphin - may have swum down to Wearside from the Firth of Forth in Scotland.
Andy Tate, Seawatch co-ordinator in the region, said that the bottle-nosed dolphin was being sighted at half-hourly intervals inside the Tyne piers.
For example, children will learn that one bottle-nosed dolphin weighs as much as 143 cats and that the wingspan of a 747 is longer than the footage of Wright Brothers' entire first flight.
Even though the bottle-nosed dolphin grows up to two metres long, with teeth which are quite capable of doing any human serious damage, nobody would have any qualms about hopping off a boat to swim with dozens of them.
The bottle-nosed dolphin has been seen at the mouth of the Tyne swimming ahead of fishing boats and playing in the shallows.
The programme goes on to show the ways in which different types of dolphin fight for their food, singling out the bottle-nosed dolphin as being the most aggressive.
AN Irish tourist town is flipping out over its latest visitor The playful bottle-nosed dolphin has become a regular at Salthill, Co Galway, where locals want to give it a name.
When the F16 parked yards from where we were sitting, the curvaceous sweep of its lines from wing to cockpit brought to mind the shape of a bottle-nosed dolphin.