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1. The deepest or lowest part: the bottom of a well; the bottom of the page.
2. The part closest to a reference point: was positioned at the bottom of the key for a rebound.
3. The underside: scraped the bottom of the car on a rock.
4. The supporting part; the base.
5. The far end or part: at the bottom of the bed.
a. The last place, as on a list.
b. The lowest or least favorable position: started at the bottom of the corporate hierarchy.
7. The basic underlying quality; the source: Let's get to the bottom of the problem.
8. The solid surface under a body of water.
9. often bottoms Low-lying alluvial land adjacent to a river. Also called bottomland.
a. Nautical The part of a ship's hull below the water line.
b. A ship; a boat: "English merchants did much of their overseas trade in foreign bottoms" (G.M. Trevelyan).
11. often bottoms The trousers or short pants of pajamas.
12. Informal The buttocks.
13. The seat of a chair.
14. Baseball The second or last half of an inning.
15. Staying power; stamina. Used of a horse.
16. Slang One who is penetrated by another person or is the submissive partner in a sexual encounter or relationship.
1. Situated at the bottom: the bottom rung of the ladder.
2. Of the lowest degree, quality, rank, or amount: the bottom three teams in the league.
v. bot·tomed, bot·tom·ing, bot·toms
1. To provide with an underside.
2. To provide with a foundation; base: jurisprudence that is bottomed on democratic principles.
To have or strike the underside against something: The car bottomed on the gravel.
Phrasal Verb:
bottom out
To reach the lowest point possible, after which only a rise may occur: Sales of personal computers have bottomed out.
at bottom

[Middle English botme, from Old English botm.]

bot′tom·er n.


1. (Furniture) a person who makes the seat part of a chair
2. (Mining & Quarrying) a person who works at the lowest part, particularly of a mine
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Former Coventry City trainee Luke Bottomer has signed for Leamington.
The Pics had their backs against the wall after losing Mitchell Tolley to injury, then having Luke Bottomer sent off, and twice falling behind.
Second-placed Kingspan Insulation notched an emphatic 5-1 win over their visitors Cardiff Civil Service with goals from Gerald Cordle, Phil Stofilias, Steve Bottomer, Elliott Cayton and Ryan Gooderham Third-placed Ton & Gelli BC, following a heavy 5-1 Christmas defeat against League leaders Graig Metals, bounced back with a new year 4-1 win at Osborne Athletic.
The victims, Teri Adams of Philadelphia, and her brother Don adams of Cheltenham, had filed private criminal complaints against the additional teamsters, Norma Bottomer, Mark Hopkins, and Charlie Davis in May, after obtaining verification of their names and addresses.
Quinn picked himself up and converted the spot-kick, then moments later Luke Bottomer drilled over after being picked out by Fabrice Kasiama.
On-loan Luke Bottomer hit his first goal for the visitors on 24 minutes and Mitchell Tolley slotted home a penalty on 39 minutes after Ahmed Obeng had been felled.
But two minutes later Luke Bottomer shot narrowly wide with just the keeper to beat.
Kingspan took an early lead through Steve Bottomer, but the visitors produced their best performance of the season to collect the points courtesy of goals from Steve James (2) and Dale Edwards.
The victims, Don Adams of Cheltenham, and his sister Teri Adams of Philadelphia, had filed private criminal complaints against the additional teamsters -- Norma Bottomer, Mark Hopkins, and Charlie Davis in May of this year after obtaining independent verification of their names and addresses.
Ahmadi could have killed off the Stafford challenge with a downward header that bounced up over the bar while Luke Bottomer should have levelled it up for Stafford when he somehow volleyed over from close range.
However, the Pics are waiting to hear whether on-loan Luke Bottomer will be allowed to play by parent club Tamworth.
City's Luke Bottomer then got himself sent off with a straight red card for kicking out at the goal scorer as he went to retrieve the ball from the back of the net.