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1. Having no bottom.
2. Too deep to be measured: a bottomless glacial lake.
3. Difficult or impossible to understand; unfathomable: one of the bottomless mysteries of life.
4. Having no limitations or bounds; limitless: a bottomless supply of money.
a. Nude, especially unclothed below the waist: bottomless dancers.
b. Featuring such dancers as entertainment: bottomless bars.

bot′tom·less·ly adv.


from a bottomless point of view
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The occupants of the Assembly, principally Carwyn Jones, Welsh Language Commissioner Meri Huws, her well-paid advisers, the resurrected Welsh Language Board and the Silk Commission, a quango set up by said Assembly, must believe that the electorate are bottomlessly gullible.
Perhaps the consumer base will find the image of a well-groomed spokesmodel apparently asleep in a satin-lined casket to be bottomlessly tragic and compelling.
says earlier, through constant evocations of female sexuality she gives a feminine personality to "the deep": "In waves and drops comes a strange grace: the bottomlessly inhuman contracts again into the site of our becoming" (228), "the sinuous pulsing upon the waters--waters no longer tehom but mayim, materializing, wet, energetic" (236), and so forth.