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 (bôt′n) Chiefly Northern US
A past participle of buy.
1. Commercially made; purchased, as opposed to homemade: boughten bread.
2. Artificial; false. Used of teeth.
Our Living Language American regional dialects allow freer adjectival use of certain past participles of verbs than does Standard English. Time-honored examples are boughten (chiefly Northern US) and bought (chiefly Southern US) to mean "purchased rather than homemade": a boughten dress, bought bread. The Northern form boughten (as in store boughten) features the participial ending -en, added to bought, the participial form, probably by analogy with more common participial adjectives such as frozen.


a dialect word for bought2


commercially made rather than homemade.
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Adj.1.boughten - purchased; not homemade; "my boughten clothes"; "a store-bought dress"
factory-made - produced in quantity at a factory
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I don't like these boughten scents-- but a whiff of sweet-grass belongs anywhere a lady does.
com has watches designed especially for children, with a watch face that can be customized with the child's name or boughten as ToniAnn's Line.
The porn-pleasure-like ecstasy of impact resembles boughten envy because, reliant on fleshly images of events, objects, explosions, cars and games, it's also abstract: an affirmation in taut urge-filled silence that heightens my personal consequence as well as his--the leader's--without endangering either of us.
In addition to a lengthy Q&A with Griswold and an essay on the new Colts coach, the debut issue has features on Terre Haute hovercraft mogul Chris Fitzgerald, southern Indiana's Pizza Today magazine founder Gerry Durnell, and for the less-sophisticated shopper, a rundown of truck-stop paraphernalia ("You ain't boughten till you've boughten stuff at the Flying J Travel Plaza").