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bou·gie 1

 (bo͞o′zhē, -jē)
1. Medicine
a. A slender, flexible, cylindrical instrument that is inserted into a bodily canal, such as the urethra, to dilate, examine, or medicate.
2. A wax candle.

[French, from Old French, a fine wax, after Bougie (Bejaïa), a city of northern Algeria.]

bou·gie 2

adj. Informal
Bourgeois: opted for a mom-and-pop diner over a more bougie restaurant.

[Respelling (after the variant pronunciation (bo͝o′zhwä)) of bourg(eois) + -ie.]


(ˈbuːʒiː; buːˈʒiː)
(Medicine) med a long slender semiflexible cylindrical instrument for inserting into body passages, such as the rectum or urethra, to dilate structures, introduce medication, etc
[C18: from French, originally a wax candle from Bougie (Bujiya), Algeria]


(ˈbu dʒi, -ʒi, buˈʒi)

a. a slender, flexible instrument introduced into passages of the body for dilating, examining, medicating, etc.
b. a suppository.
2. a wax candle.
[1745–55; < French]


n. bujía; candelilla, instrumento usado en la dilatación de la uretra.
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