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 (bo͞o′yə-bās′, bo͞ol′yə-bās′)
1. A highly seasoned stew made of several kinds of fish and shellfish, tomatoes, olive oil, and often saffron.
2. A combination of various different, often incongruous elements: a bouillabaisse of special interests.

[French, from Provençal bouiabaisso : boui, imperative of bouie, to boil (from Latin bullīre, from bulla, bubble) + abaisso, imperative of abeissa, to lower (from Vulgar Latin *abbassiāre : Latin ad-, ad- + Medieval Latin bassus, low).]


(Cookery) a rich stew or soup of fish and vegetables flavoured with spices, esp saffron
[C19: from French, from Provençal bouiabaisso, literally: boil down]


(ˌbu yəˈbeɪs, ˌbul-, ˈbu yəˌbeɪs, ˈbul-)

a soup or stew containing several kinds of fish and often shellfish, usu. combined with olive oil, tomatoes, and saffron.
[1850–55; < French < Occitan boui-abaisso]
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Noun1.bouillabaisse - highly seasoned Mediterranean soup or stew made of several kinds of fish and shellfish with tomatoes and onions or leeks and seasoned with saffron and garlic and herbs
fish stew - a stew made with fish


[ˈbuːjəbɛs] nbouillabaisse f
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Bouillabaisse is a rich stew originating in which country?
Dishes will include Bouillabaisse, a Provencal fish stew from the port city of Marseille as well as salade Nicoise, petits farcis and a selection of artisan olive oils.
We ended up having the Peruvian bouillabaisse, the Parihuela, which I can recommend very highly.
The blurb speaks of platters of fruits de mer, crab thermidor, bouillabaisse, and game for the carnivores.
The spice-centric bouillabaisse comes from Marseilles and is a fish-stock-based stew that must have a touch of saffron to be authentic.
A four course dinner will be served with a choice of lobster mango-avocado salad with Tahitian sauce or Teriyaki chicken in crispy California maki roll as a starter, raspberry sorbet, mixed seafood bouillabaisse with stuffed mushroom risotto rice or honey pepper sesame beef stir fry on a bed of crispy noodle as the main course.
The fish can actually be cream cheese bouillabaisse made to look like fish.
Eat: Oysters ceviche style with chile and lime; lobster roll, bouillabaisse, fried oyster banh mi sandwich
Rogano's kitchen operates with 20 chefs and 10 assistants, and this is where I was shown how to prepare two dishes - Rogano bouillabaisse and whole lemon sole meuniere.
Serve this as an aperitif or as a poolside refresher or pair it with fish stews such as cioppino or bouillabaisse, baked ham served hot or cold, or citrusy cold shellfish salads.
I had nothing in the house but a bottle of Israeli wine which I found UNDRINKABLE, a tin of Bouillabaisse and some stale bread.
We tried the special of the day, bouillabaisse PS15), with fish caught from the Dorset coast.