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The sport of climbing without ropes or other technical gear on boulders or relatively small rock faces.

bould′er·er n.


(Mountaineering) rock climbing on large boulders or small outcrops either as practice or as a sport in its own right
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Bouldering areas include Iron Door Cave, Voices, Tidal Wave, Tilt-O-Meter, Dinos Egg and Chuckwalla Boulders.
A Newton Aycliffe climbing centre with adventure walls, speed climbing, a tower, mosaic climbing and bouldering is open for bookings now following a massive PS350,000 boost.
Four months later he won the Scottish Open and last year came second in the British League Climbing Championships and third in the British Junior Bouldering Championships.
Depending on what kind of climbing you do after that you can get all kinds of gear for ropes or bouldering," Miller explains.
The tournament was held in women's lead, women's bouldering, women's speed, men's lead, men's bouldering and men's speed sections.
For PS5, on a first-come, first-served basis, visitors can get to grips with indoor rock walls and bouldering area.
The first group began immediately bouldering for three hours a week over the course of eight weeks, while the other group waited to begin.
Solis, who started climbing only this year, is doing bouldering which has a greater degree of difficulty.
Since then, Emily has joined the British team and recently came fifth in bouldering and 10th in lead climbing at the European Youth Cups in France and Austria.
And it couldn't be more timely with bouldering set to become an Olympic sport for the first time at Tokyo in 2020.
Situated in the former church of St Marks, on Shields Road, Newcastle, the Listed building provides a spectacular climbing environment with an internal height of 15 metres and more than 1,200 sq m of climbing walls for roped climbing and bouldering.
Members of The Senior Section were challenged to bouldering, zip wire, archery, giant inflatables and cycling, with karaoke and a bit of pampering on offer too.