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bou·le 1

 (bo͞o′lē, bo͞o-lā′)
1. The lower house of the modern Greek legislature.
a. The senate of 400 founded by Solon in ancient Athens.
b. A legislative assembly in any one of the ancient Greek states.

[Greek boulē, assembly; see gwelə- in Indo-European roots.]

boule 2

a. often boules (bo͞ol) Any of several related bowling games, such as bocce or pétanque, traditionally played on an outdoor court.
b. The ball used in one of these games.
2. A round loaf of bread.
3. A pear-shaped synthetic sapphire, ruby, or other alumina-based gem, produced by fusing and tinting alumina.

[French, ball, boule, from Old French, ball, from Latin bulla, rounded object, bubble.]


1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) the parliament in modern Greece
2. (Historical Terms) the senate of an ancient Greek city-state
[C19: from Greek boulē senate]


(Jewellery) a pear-shaped imitation ruby, sapphire, etc, made from synthetic corundum
[C19: from French: ball]


(Cookery) a round loaf of white bread
[C20: from French: a ball]



a single crystal of material produced by a fusion process and used for making synthetic gemstones.
[1915–20; < French]


(ˈbu li, buˈleɪ)

n., pl. -les.
1. the legislative assembly of modern Greece.
2. (usu. l.c.) a legislative council in ancient Greek states.
[1840–50; < Greek: a council, body of chosen ones]
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Noun1.boule - an inlaid furniture decorationboule - an inlaid furniture decoration; tortoiseshell and yellow and white metal form scrolls in cabinetwork
embellishment - a superfluous ornament
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It was not for some weeks after the Crawleys' departure that the landlord of the hotel which they occupied during their residence at Paris found out the losses which he had sustained: not until Madame Marabou, the milliner, made repeated visits with her little bill for articles supplied to Madame Crawley; not until Monsieur Didelot from Boule d'Or in the Palais Royal had asked half a dozen times whether cette charmante Miladi who had bought watches and bracelets of him was de retour.
He said that the findings--which will also highlight best practices --will be disseminated through reports, panel discussions and articles in the Boule Journal.
It took nearly three years (from March 2010 to early 2013) for the company to figure out how to increase boule size from 85 kg to 115 kg, says the suit.
Then the same player tosses the first boule, trying to get it as close as possible to the cochonnet.
The WPA executive thank the Monkstone PC for their hospitality and hosting the event, and look forward to next year's return competition to be hosted by the Boule in Gwent members.
Les serpents sont de type Python boule d'Afrique, reputes non dangereux.
The strategy of the game lies in deciding whether to "point," or place, your boule as close to the jack as possible, (a difficult decision on the treacherous and stony ground typically found in Dubai's best playing areas) thereby forcing your opponent to play, or to "shoot," which involves throwing the boule at much higher velocity to displace an opponent's and thereby win the end.
In spite of her work on the concept of the "othering" gaze, a major theme that runs through second-wave Anglophone feminist film theory, as well as her long-professed fascination with cinema, French feminist and existentialist philosopher Simone de Beauvoir (1908-86) has largely been ignored within the realm of film studies, note Boule (contemporary French studies, Nottingham Trent U.
SeeNews) - Nov 9, 2012 - Swedish blood tests developer Boule Diagnostics AB (STO:BOUL) saw its third-quarter pretax profit shrink to SEK 960,000 (USD 143,000/EUR 112,000), failing forecasts of SEK 4 million, due to higher costs and negative currency effects.
Si la premiere boule tiree du pot C est A, l'equipe du pot A jouera le premier match a domicile et l'equipe tiree du pot B jouera le deuxieme match a domicile.
Normand Boule, an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation at the University of Alberta.