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Variant of buhl.


(buːl) ,




(Antiques) denoting or relating to a type of marquetry of patterned inlays of brass and tortoiseshell, occasionally with other metals such as pewter, much used on French furniture from the 17th century
(Antiques) Also called: boullework something ornamented with such marquetry
[C18: named after André Charles Boulle (1642–1732), French cabinet-maker]


or buhl


(sometimes cap.) elaborate inlaid work of tortoiseshell and brass or other metal on wood. Also called boulle•work (ˈbulˌwɜrk)
[1870–75; < French, after A. C. Boul(l)e (1642–1732), French cabinetmaker]
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Noun1.boulle - an inlaid furniture decorationboulle - an inlaid furniture decoration; tortoiseshell and yellow and white metal form scrolls in cabinetwork
embellishment - a superfluous ornament
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Elegant buffets made by Boulle, also purchased by the auctioneer, furnished the sides of the room, at the end of which sparkled the brass arabesques inlaid in tortoise-shell of the first tall clock that reappeared in the nineteenth century to claim honor for the masterpieces of the seventeenth.
Based on a French novel by Pierre Boulle, both versions of the film follow the exploits of an earthling astronaut who finds himself stranded in a world where humans have been colonized and enslaved by gorillas and apes and chimps--oh my
Phillipe Boulle, cofounder with Ramkalawan of the opposition Seychelles National Party, took less than 1% of the vote.
The Planet of the Apes, by Pierre Boulle (1963, Vanguard)
However, the Journal reported that Arkansas entrepreneur Max Boulle, director of American Mineral Fields Inc.
An experimental, unbuilt design for an opera house by Boulle from 1 78 1, with its vast semi-circular auditorium and democratic fan of seating, hints at the shape of things to come.
TSX:MOY), announced that Moydow has signed an option agreement with Gondwana Investments Limited, a Luxemburg based company controlled by Jean-Raymond Boulle, which will allow Moydow to earn up to a 60% interest in the Port Loko bauxite deposit in Sierra Leone, West Africa.
a Jean Boulle Group private company focusing on medical technology, and founding investor of Tendyne Holdings, Inc.
This makes the curatorial decisions transparent for those who are keen to know, while the general visitor can enjoy a synthetic early 18th-century room, furnished with Boulle furniture, some of which Le Bas de Montargis owned, and some of which he would no doubt have liked to own.
MADE In Chelsea toff Francis Boulle could soon be starring in a new show.
New York, Oct 15 (ANI): Emma Watson's ex, Francis Boulle has revealed that he "didn't want to be the boyfriend of some child actress".
Naturally, we endured the obligatory horribly staged set-piece as ludicrous Francis Boulle told a bunch of actors about his impressive plans to teach muggers proper grammar.