bounce off

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w>bounce off

vt always separate to bounce something off somethingetw von etw abprallen lassen; radio waves etcetw an etw (dat)reflektieren; to bounce an idea off somebody (fig inf)eine Idee an jdm testen (inf)
viabprallen; (radio waves)reflektieren
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The signals bounce off the antenna to a system of amplifiers and frequency converters suspended above it.
Hit a ball off the tightly cut, well-defined fairways and it might bounce off the hard-baked desert floor and into a kangaroo rat hole.
However, the technique required passing a laser beam through a tiny hole in a nonreflecting sleeve capping one end of the precision metering rod, so that the beam would bounce off the rod and not its sleeve.
Cedeno made it all the way to third on the play when Bret Boone, sauntering over from second to help on the relay, had the ball bounce off his glove and go out of play.
The glow consists primarily of extreme-ultraviolet photons from the sun that bounce off the moon, he says.
The company has just began to bounce off the low and could hit high double digits in the short term.
But when Mavericks' reliever Bert Miadich (0-5) had his pitch bounce off catcher Pat Johnson's glove, Clark scored from third on the passed ball to make it 1-0.
It looks poised to bounce off its low in the near term
The Wings also watched Kariya's bid to tie the game bounce off the post in the second.
Just as the speeds of vehicles are measured by the frequency shift in radio waves that bounce off them, the rate of blood flow can now be measured by a new device that observes the frequency shift (Doppler shift) in light bounced off blood cells.
I was jumping up and saw the ball bounce off the back of the defender,'' Britton said.
Justin Bowles had to charge the ball and got there in plenty of time, but he had the ball bounce off the heel of his glove for the A's second straight error as Ramirez scored.