bounded interval

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Noun1.bounded interval - an interval that includes its endpoints
interval - a set containing all points (or all real numbers) between two given endpoints
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Then we will demonstrate that N(D(w)) is an equicontinuous set for each closed bounded interval [0,T] in J.
A lower confidence bound's coverage is determined as the probability that the bounded interval contains the true parameter of interest.
Stochastic calculus with jumps is restricted to compound Poisson processes which have only a finite number of jumps on any bounded interval.
The curve [alpha] is convex with exactly one minimum and it is a graph on L defined in some bounded interval I = (-[x.
In Section 2, we introduce the Bernstein measures on [-1,1] and we recall the Szego transformations of measures supported on a bounded interval and the unit circle.
The italicized side is used in such a way that the upper side means the bounded interval of ([Mu], [Mu] + 3[Sigma]] and the lower side means the bounded interval of [[Mu] - 3[Sigma], [Mu]), instead of the open intervals of ([Mu], [infinity]) and (-[infinity], [Mu]) respectively.
2) This sensitivity can allow humans to be affected by non-computable aspects of their environment such as randomness (which we referred to above) or the possibility that a bounded interval of time can consist of an uncountable set of temporal points.