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Being without boundaries or limits; unlimited: boundless ambition; boundless joy.

bound′less·ly adv.
bound′less·ness n.
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Noun1.boundlessness - the quality of being infiniteboundlessness - the quality of being infinite; without bound or limit
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare


References in classic literature ?
If, added to my own I could be gifted with modern Roman sloth, modern Roman superstition, and modern Roman boundlessness of ignorance, what bewildering worlds of unsuspected wonders I would discover
Also called the leminscate, it assumes the figure 8: intertwined twin rings that suggest boundlessness.
Also called the 'leminscate,' it assumes the figure 8: an intertwined twin rings that suggest boundlessness.
At that moment she seemed to enfold me with a boundlessness that spread outward to the ends of the earth.
The medieval monk was referring to the ultimate xenophilia: the boundlessness of divine love.
For proponents of these narratives, the bits and bytes of digital code smoothed the rough edges of 'tribe' into the inclusive sphere of 'community'; the perceived boundlessness and borderless quality of the internet mimetically invoked both the sublimation of ethnic boundaries and the limitless growth potential of capital.
The Bluecoat, School Lane, Liverpool, 0151 702 5324, - to Sun, 23 Apr Ness 2016 Photography Competition Exhibition Ness Botanic Gardens, Neston Road, Wirral CH64 4AY, 0845 030 4063, - to Sun, 23 Apr Boundlessness Lars Fredriksson is an abstract painter from Malmo, Sweden.
A mathematical point is lost in the boundlessness of its coordinates; a moment in time--in its infinitesimal divisibility, which cannot ever end.
We all belong to an advanced technological order that places us in this limitless, boundless virtual sphere, and people really want to see that boundlessness realized in their own physical environment.
With spidery limbs and a sprawling imagination, Brooklyn-based Raja Feather Kelly brings a vivid boundlessness to all he does.
What could be a more triumphant testament to the boundlessness of music than the story of a group of retired Cuban musicians becoming super famous as Buena Vista Social Club?
The building and the politics and practice of world literature understood as world literatures must be characterized by boundlessness and limitlessness in order to achieve an understanding and practice of the universal and planetary.