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Being without boundaries or limits; unlimited: boundless ambition; boundless joy.

bound′less·ly adv.
bound′less·ness n.
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Noun1.boundlessness - the quality of being infiniteboundlessness - the quality of being infinite; without bound or limit
quality - an essential and distinguishing attribute of something or someone; "the quality of mercy is not strained"--Shakespeare


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If, added to my own I could be gifted with modern Roman sloth, modern Roman superstition, and modern Roman boundlessness of ignorance, what bewildering worlds of unsuspected wonders I would discover
Granted, the album isn't entirely divorced from hiphop--its monstrous single "Ryderz" recalls the hyperspeed soul of College Dropout-era Kanye--but its sonic boundlessness is the thing that hits you the hardest.
The name AMITA is inspired by the meaning it has in several languages: friendship in Italian, honesty and truth in Hebrew and spiritual light and boundlessness in Hindi, reflecting the organization's core values of friendship, truth and mutual respect for all, as well as its faith-based call to healing.
In different periods of intellectual history, to be sure, one or the other of these aspects may be emphasized: on the one hand, classical perfection (Vollendung: the form which contains the depths), on the other, Romantic boundlessness, infinity (Unendlichkeit: the form that transcends itself by pointing beyond to the depths).
Action enacts and produces a kind of "boundlessness"; in its boundlessness, action "always establishes relationships and therefore has an inherent tendency to force open all limitations and cut across all boundaries" (190).
But the very boundlessness of the authorial privileges claimed by the university's priest-prophets finally constitutes their greatest danger.
8) With the spatial boundlessness, this cognitive timelessness creates a metaphoric limbo where spatial and temporal axes of history collapse.
Indeed, due to its partly collaborative and emulative nature, the reciprocal process at the very least implies a sense of complicity that is simultaneously defined by its sheer boundlessness as, in the words of leading literary critic Harold Bloom, "there is no end to 'influence" as there are no limits to "the power of invention.
As we touched the problem of boundlessness, there is also a role of the form of the place.
It seems counterintuitive that one would bring in the suffering and let this experience break our heart open to its true nature of vastness, boundlessness, so the hardness of suffering can dissolve into who we really are," says Joan Halifax.
The boundlessness of performativity in elite Australian schools.
The opening of the last poem, "Lullaby," in her Selected Poems seems to infect wonderfully the emotion of fear toward writing, an emotion whose infinite boundlessness creates the sublime while juxtaposing "fathomless sum" with finite "sun.