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Existing in, characterized by, or producing abundance: bounteous harvests; bounteous land.

[Middle English bountevous, from Old French bontive, benevolent, from bonte, bounty; see bounty.]

boun′te·ous·ly adv.
boun′te·ous·ness n.


1. giving freely; generous: the bounteous goodness of God.
2. plentiful; abundant
ˈbounteously adv
ˈbounteousness n


(ˈbaʊn ti əs)

1. giving or disposed to give freely; generous; liberal.
2. freely bestowed; plentiful; abundant.
[1325–75; Middle English bountevous < Middle French bontive (bonte bounty + -ive, feminine of -if -ive) + -ous]
boun′te•ous•ly, adv.
boun′te•ous•ness, n.
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Adj.1.bounteous - given or giving freelybounteous - given or giving freely; "was a big tipper"; "the bounteous goodness of God"; "bountiful compliments"; "a freehanded host"; "a handsome allowance"; "Saturday's child is loving and giving"; "a liberal backer of the arts"; "a munificent gift"; "her fond and openhanded grandfather"
generous - willing to give and share unstintingly; "a generous donation"




[ˈbaʊntɪəs] bountiful [ˈbaʊntɪfʊl] ADJ [crop etc] → abundante; [person] → generoso, munífico


, bountiful
adjgroßzügig; sovereign, godgütig; harvest, gifts(über)reich
References in classic literature ?
Sometimes her family were invited in to help eat up a too bounteous feast of successes, or Lotty would be privately dispatched with a batch of failures, which were to be concealed from all eyes in the convenient stomachs of the little Hummels.
It was a beautiful, bounteous, blue day; the spangled sea calm and cool, and flatly stretching away, all round, to the horizon, like gold-beater's skin hammered out to the extremest.
I generally contrived to reserve a moiety of this bounteous repast for myself; but the remainder I was invariably obliged to part with.
Tell her she has been most bounteous and our gratitude is extreme.
Hail universal Lord, be bounteous still To give us onely good; and if the night Have gathered aught of evil or conceald, Disperse it, as now light dispels the dark.
Your Grace may be well assured,'' said the Friar, ``that, with the grace of Saint Dunstan, I shall find the way of multiplying your most bounteous gift.
Then he left the river, laid himself down among the rushes, and kissed the bounteous earth.
Everyone is quiet and happy, for God has blessed us with a bounteous harvest, and we know that there will be abundance of food for the wintertide.
A bounteous portion was deposited before the captain by the old woman, upon some fresh grass, which served instead of a platter; and never had he tasted a salmon boiled so completely to his fancy.
Sleep was pleased when he heard this, and answered, "Then swear it to me by the dread waters of the river Styx; lay one hand on the bounteous earth, and the other on the sheen of the sea, so that all the gods who dwell down below with Saturn may be our witnesses, and see that you really do give me one of the youngest of the Graces--Pasithea, whom I have always wanted to marry.
Remember Thy bounteous mercy and loving-kindness which are from of old; turn not Thy face from us, but be gracious to our unworthiness, and in Thy great goodness and Thy many mercies regard not our transgressions and iniquities
Indeed," cried Jav, "what more realistic than this bounteous feast?