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1. The drone pipe of a bagpipe.
2. The bass string, as of a violin.
3. An organ stop, commonly of the 16-foot pipes, medium in scale but with dark timbre.

[Middle English burdoun, bass, from Old French bourdon.]


(ˈbʊədən; ˈbɔːdən)
1. (Instruments) a 16-foot organ stop of the stopped diapason type
2. (Instruments) the drone of a bagpipe
3. (Music, other) a drone or pedal point in the bass of a harmonized melody
[C14: from Old French: drone (of a musical instrument), of imitative origin]


(ˈbʊər dn, ˈbɔr-, ˈboʊr-)

the drone pipe of a bagpipe.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Middle French; see burden2]
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Noun1.bourdon - a pipe of the bagpipe that is tuned to produce a single continuous tone
bagpipe - a tubular wind instrument; the player blows air into a bag and squeezes it out through the drone
pipe - a tubular wind instrument
References in classic literature ?
The dim roar of London was like the bourdon note of a distant organ.
I lived frugally; I had accepted the conditions of the monastic life, necessary conditions for every worker, scarcely permitting myself a walk along the Boulevard Bourdon when the weather was fine.
Any belated persons walking along the Boulevard Bourdon must have stood still to listen to an exile's last prayer, a last cry of regret for a lost name, mingled with memories of Bianca.
Since the index's launch last year, companies on five continents have used it and demand has been growing at 10% a month, says Bourdon.
Bourdon, Vice President Technologies at KraussMaffei.
Described as their most personal to date, Shinoda, Chester Bennington, Rob Bourdon, Brad Delson, Dave 'Phoenix' Farrell and Joe Hahn stomp over familiar territory, particularly on opener Lost In The Echo, In My Remains (which has elements of Numb) and Burn It Down.
org) and the importance of tree-planting for future generations with Bourdon, who thought there might be some way his band could help.
When a brand new faculty member, Frankie Bourdon, dares to try to change the public school's curriculum by adding homosexual sex education, Vera begins to remember, and the two of them gradually forge a lasting bond.
When he then won a scholarship in 1903, he entered the Glasgow School of Art and was taught by Eugene Bourdon, before taking the customary year out.
The acuity level of people in nursing homes--how ill or incapacitated they are--has definitely gone up in the last decade or two," said Theresa Bourdon, managing director at Aon Risk Consultants.
The average increase in annual premiums was lower than in previous years, but the cumulative effect of the past three years has been staggering, said Theresa Bourdon, managing director and actuary with Aon Risk Consultants, a unit of Aon Corp.
The work under review is a meticulously researched study of an important but ignored French revolutionary politician and educational reformer, Leonard Bourdon.